Bragging, read at your own risk

But first, more food art:  made by Danielle’s friend


are those amazingly nifty or what??

Here’s the bragging part.  I have the best dad ever.  You know he came down to help us for  a few days since I had such a rough time with the last round of chemotherapy.  Well, this round has been much easier, and besides the prayers, I don’t know if it’s just the decreased stress because he’s here to hadle everything, or if it’s because I’ve been able to get more rest, better hydration, and not had to be vertical unless I want to be… but either way, it’s a successful situation.

Plus, the kids are so happy he’s here.  Like we talked about a couple of weeks ago, I try to balance their needs with the realities of chemotherapy, but life hasn’t been normal, for sure.   Papa can fix that.  He can take Brian  for a “real” haircut  at the barer shop (we usually just get out the clippers on the front steps 🙂 followed by milkshakes at the soda shop next door…. he can go to Danny’s class and read with his friends…. he can teach Sam to replace broken miniblinds in the kitchen…. help Emily work on her sonnets….  plus rocking George to sleep every chance he gets. 

Speaking of George, he has learned the joys of pizza.


Way better than Nutramigen baby formula, I think. 

Finally, my brag.  This past weekend was the big chess tournament that’s the qualifier for Nationals.  Emily, Sam and Brian all participated.  I didn’t go and hang out for even a minute with my friends, although to be honest, maybe it was good that it was on days 3 and 4 of chemo so that I wasn’t really tempted.  Danny didn’t compete, since he would have needed one on one supervision between rounds, and that wasn’t going to happen, obviously.  There will be enough chess tournaments for him over the years.

They brought home two trophies.  No, that’s not exactly true – they won two trophies, but didn’t expect them, so they and Papa didn’t stay for the awards ceremony…. Susan F. brought them over right after 🙂

Look at this one:trophy

In case you can’t read it, Emily (9th grader) won the prize for the top girl in the whole high school division.  IMHO, this is worth bragging about.  Susan said she got lots of big cheers at the awards ceremony.  Brian also got an individual trophy, but hasn’t stood still long enough since then to get his photograph taken with it.

Thanks for listening to how wonderful my family is.  And thanks for helping take care of them when I can’t.

Love, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Bragging, read at your own risk

  1. oooooooooooh, congratulations emily and brian!!! and congratulations george on the pizza. 🙂 i’m glad everybody is getting taken care of, and you all remain in my prayers. love, rowena___.

  2. First of all, Congratulations to Emily and Brian! Second – mmmm pizza!
    Third, your Papa did a great job and I hope he finally got home last night! He was stuck in Detroit on the plane waiting for pilots when I talked to him at the shop when I was working with your Nana, and he was still waiting for a second pilot to show up when we closed the shop at 7 last night. Poor Papa! And fourth – thank goodness things have gone better this time, Elizabeth!

    Merry Christmas, hope, peace and healing thoughts to the whole family,
    Teri C.

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