Anonymous intercessions, secret gifts

A while back, some medical researchers did a really nifty study looking at the power of intercessory prayer upon surgical outcomes.  Half of the patients had people praying for them, half didn’t.  It was nicely blinded and official and all.  Despite some issues with technique and statistics, there was a significant difference between the two groups. 

I absolutely believe in the power of prayer.  Furthermore, I believe that God preferentially listens to the prayers of children.  So here’s what happened.  Another Catholic mother of praying children sent people from her blog to mine, and they must all have had LOTS of children who are awesome pray-ers. 

Here’s her post:

More than 2000 mothers read my blog.  I doubt I know any of them, but they prayed for me anyway.  It’s truly helping.  Yesterday, on day 2 of intensive chemotherapy, I was vertical more than half the day, slept peacefully at nap time, and was able to eat and enjoy spaghetti with meat sauce and a bit of salad.  Today, I’m tired and queasy, but I was able to walk up to St. Ann’s and back, and I’ve not needed IV fluids all day.

And here’s a more tangible anonymous gift that magically appeared:


This is a Woolie.  It’s a blankie, with a lamb embroidered on it.  It’s soft, warm, and despite major analysis of the handwriting of the card, we can’t figure out who left it for me.   But the note had a clue that the gifter reads this blog, so perhaps she can know how much George and I liked napping with my new blankie today. 

You know, the cooler fairy is usually anonymous, too.  I guess I could figure out about the internet calendar that Abigail set up, but my webmaster can tell you that typing my own blog uses up just about all my skills 🙂  But I have to show you something that the anonymous cooler fairy from yesterday made:  ART FOOD!


I was thinking today about the whole concept of these anonymous pray-ers, and gift-ers, and bakers… I guess since I can’t write notes, I’ll just have to do some praying myself, in thanksgiving!

Love, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Anonymous intercessions, secret gifts

  1. Blessings on you precious Elizabeth and family. Blessings on the baker of the art food. Blessings on the creator of the woolie. Blessings on all the praying people. Blessings on all the folks who’ve sent angels, and cashmere, and all the cooler fairies and kid chauffeurs and …. HUGS! Esther

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