Keeping on Spinning

Welcome to my blog.  I started it soon after beginning chemotherapy for Stage 3 C invasive lobular carcinoma, because it was so much easier to type one blog post than to call and email all my family and friends.  Cancer has a way of making people lazy like that, KWIM?  And then it just sort of grew.

My posts sort of go in cycles as the intensity of my medical issues goes in cycles… there are times when it seems like I’ve got a typical fiber/spinning/knitting blog, or maybe a Catholic homeschooling blog, and then there are periods of time when it seems like every post is chemo, surgery, chemo, surgery.

But my sweet husband and my children, whom I love more than life itself, are always woven in.  I hope that they will be able to use this blog someday to look back on these times and remember that no matter how hard things were once in a while, that I have always loved them with my whole heart.

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