One year ago today

George was born.  What a day that was!  I was just about 35 weeks pregnant, I’d been having preterm labor (as usual) for a while, and had gotten  steroids to mature baby’s lungs maybe two weeks before when my fetal fibronectin test was positive. 

The day before, it seemed like “baby in need of prenatal Ritalin because he is ALWAYS  busy”  was much less active than usual.  Having lost my little guy, William, in 2006, this worried me.  So I went in to the OB’s office and they did a fetal biophysical profile, and he scored 4 out of 10.  This is bad.  Keep in mind that we didn’t know if he had Downs or not at this point… but if he did, he was at much higher than average risk for third trimester intrauterine death.  So they sent me to the hospital, and did another biophysical profile.  He was still 4 out of 10, and by this time Susan F. and Maureen B. were there with me, so as soon as the maternal fetal medicine guy gave the go-ahead, they induced labor….  My goals were to have a healthy, alive baby and to NOT NOT NOT have a C-section.  Mothers of children with CP who need lots of physical assistance (like Danny for example 🙂 ) would have a hard time getting through the first few weeks after surgery, I’d think.

Fast forward to 1 AM –


George Edward DeHority was born.  He is a joy, the sweetest, nicest baby I’ve ever met, but what a year we’ve had!!!

I never would have thought I’d be thankful that I had a baby with Downs, but maybe I am.  Can you imagine how hard it would be to have a mastectomy, chemotherapy, etc, and be trying to chase a busy toddler?  George is little, always happy, a good sleeper, and pretty much stays where we put him…. he’s making slow but steady progress in physical therapy, but I’ve decided that perhaps God knew what he was doing when he gave me a baby who wasn’t even crawling yet on his first birthday…. this way my family and I have all the joys and loves of having a baby during this difficult time, without any of the hard parts.

So today we’re celebrating.  Sam, George, Danny and I started out by going to Mass (with his godparents, how cool is that!!) and since then we’ve been just hanging out getting school done.  This afternoon George has his 12 month check up and shots… to be followed by Brian’s basketball practice, supper and then cake and presents. 

I promise cake pictures tomorrow.  Love, Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “One year ago today

  1. Happy Birthday George!!!! Happy Birth Day, precious Elizabeth.
    No school here today – big snowstorm. Love and hugs all around, Esther

  2. Happy Birthday George!!
    Hope to see you soon ~ Kaitlin misses you!
    So hard to believe a year has flown by!!
    Give that Mama some nice wet kisses!

  3. Dear Elizabeth ~

    You are doing it and we understand the pain and joy of the cancer journey. Day by day, one moment at a time. Laugh often, pray much, allow tears.

    Your blog is an inspiration and a beautiful gift. It is so evident that you are finding joy in your family and grace in small things.

    May God’s peace and love surround you and your family at Christmas and always.

    Keep spinning!

    The Reinstein Family
    Jennifer, Chris, and Tess
    Laura and Rob

  4. Happy Birthday to sweet little George! Yes, the Lord surely does know what He’s doing when He gives us these special little ones. His birth picture is just beautiful.

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