Spinal Tap, pt 2

10 Feb 2015 – about 6:30 PM ET Just a quick update…. had radiation therapy, then went to interventional radiology, where they did a spinal tap and got plenty (according to them I couldn’t see, they were obviously working behind me) of fluid, to be sent for cytology, chemistries, etc. I have been absolutely faithful […]

Remember when “Spinal Tap” was just the name of a band? 1984?

10 February 2015 – about 9 AM ET Tuesday morning. Adding a whole new layer of diagnosis and treatment…. we have done big surgery, little surgery, radiation, oral chemo, IV chemo, traditional chemo, hormonal chemo, biological chemo, and more and again more and again. This morning we start the whole “inside the totally separate circulatory […]