A Photo Journal for Elizabeth DeHority, with endless love from her Dad

Mr. Pat Sweeney, Elizabeth’s beloved, wonderful, amazing dad, made this photo journal of Elizabeth’s life. It was shown at the wake on Thursday night and again on Friday at the collation after the funeral. Please enjoy.

I promise that I will write the story of the one photo that is probably leaving you scratching your head with puzzlement. I know it caused many people to ask “What’s the story behind THAT photo?” I got to hear the story and promised to re-tell.


4 thoughts on “A Photo Journal for Elizabeth DeHority, with endless love from her Dad

  1. Very touching indeed: thank you so much for permitting us to see these private family photos.
    I’ll keep Elizabeth and her loved ones often in my prayers.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing with us your journey of your courageous battle, and thank your family to let us participate in her funeral at St. Anne’s, and in her life with the wonderful pictures.

    (a former employee of yours)

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. I am so sorry that Elizabeth has passed away, I have not been on the blog for some months but have continued to pray for her and all the family.
    I really loved the photo of her as a very little girl knitting! So many of the photos made me smile even through tears. Please be assured of my prayers, especially for George, my son Sam has DS, he is four, and I feel a link. Elizabeth’s wonderful love for George really helped me when Sam came into our lives. The ripples go on and out into the world. God bless you all. Xxx

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