update – late night – 11 March 2015

So what’s new today? With just over an hour left for 3/11/15, not much. So you know that this weekend I was at the hospital getting platelets and red blood cells transfused…. well, those are pretty much beyond used up, so today after getting labs at the onco office I went to the infusion center at the hospital and got typed and cross matched for transfusion again tomorrow. Just red cells, though, not platelets. So that’s tomorrow, and then the bone mets chemo on Friday.

Next week we resume the 3 – 2- 1 – chemo with carboplatin and VP16 on Monday, if my labs permit….. then after a few days of that we will try some Neulasta to see if it keeps my white cells at an acceptable level. That worked pretty well last time… The two biggest issues, then, are first, my bone marrow and whether it is puttering along well enough to get this chemo, and second, my brain. My thinking isn’t quite as agile as it should be, and we don’t know if it’s the pain meds, the chemo, leftover side effects from radiation, mets in my brain itself…. I don’t know, I just worry….

Meanwhile, Jane is safely back in England, and will visit again after their family trip later this monrh. Emily is on spring break but has had to be away all week due to having strep and mono. Sam is on his way home, though, from Boston, so I am hoping to have all my babies at my table by Saturday night. That would make me happy.

So to keep my mind off my missing my babies and about my worries about my bone marrow and all I have been trying to keep busy spinning some beautifully blended (on the niftiest fine tooth hackle my dad set up for me this past weekend) a combed combination of dark brown Yak and some medium grey cashmere. It takes forever to comb even the tiniest nest, I am still very slow, but it’s worth it…. perfectly aligned, no neps no noils, 100 % even. You should feel this fiber…. softest stuff I have ever spun and I have been spinning super-soft for decades. Then next on the list is some vicuna. Really, honestly, 100 % genuine CITES certified vicuna. Cool, eh? But first sleep…. that’s good for the brain, too, I think….. Good night, friends. Oh, and we are STILL waiting for the foundation one testing results. I promise to let you know as soon as I know anything.

8 thoughts on “update – late night – 11 March 2015

  1. The cashmere you sent me was so soft I could barely feel it in my hands as I knit it! I simply cannot imagine anything softer than that. Truly!

    I am so glad your dad helped you set up something to work with these fibers. I don’t know what you’re talking about but I can read HAPPINESS between the lines.

    When you’ve knit up the projects with the yak & vicuna, may I please have the bitty leftover balls so I can crochet a flower or something to experience it?

    Hey – any other knitters & crocheters – I am pretty sure I am asking FIRST. And I remembered to say ‘please’, too. 🙂

    Another transfusion, eh? I thank God for all blood donors!!

    L❤ve from sn❄wy (but melting a bit at a time Rhode Island), Esther

  2. (((HUGS)))) ((((HUGS)))) and more ((((HUGS)))) Very gently of course! We are all praying and thinking of you every day. Thanking God for you! And LOVING you!
    I wish I could take your worries away. ((((HUG))))

  3. You are the most amazing person I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Have a wonderful time with your babies on Saturday night. Love and prayers always.

  4. Hey! Do you need to change your blog’s naming post from “focus on the good, the pure, the cashmere” to “focus on the good, the pure, and the yak”?

    I hope not. It just doesn’t have the right ring to it.

    “Focus on the good, the pure, the vicuna” is a little bit better than yak, but still not as good as cashmere.


    I think it’s because PURE and CASHMERE, while not really rhyming, share an ending sound. It’s like a tail-end alliteration. Yak, ending with that hard AK sound, just doesn’t work. And vicuna? The sound it shares with PURE is too early. The flow of sounds gets interrupted by the NA syllable.

    Stick with ‘good, pure, cashmere’.

    Hugs from RI

  5. Wishing you a blessed weekend with your family together – Mothering Sunday and all 🙂
    and, daily and often, praying for you.

  6. The spinning sounds complicated although your description of how the fiber feels is so good I can almost feel it’s beauty. Happy weekend to my good friend. I hope your whole family gets to be together this weekend. I love you and when you do rest, I wish you sweet slumber!

  7. Thank you for taking time and energy to write! I know how hard that can be. Poor Emily, sick during spring break! I’m so sorry your brain feels fuzzy on top of everything else (i know what that’s like too), i hope you are getting some good rest. Love and prayers to you and your family.

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