Remember when “Spinal Tap” was just the name of a band? 1984?

10 February 2015 – about 9 AM ET

Tuesday morning. Adding a whole new layer of diagnosis and treatment…. we have done big surgery, little surgery, radiation, oral chemo, IV chemo, traditional chemo, hormonal chemo, biological chemo, and more and again more and again. This morning we start the whole “inside the totally separate circulatory system of the cerebrospinal fluid system” thing with a spinal tap to see what cancer cells exactly are floating around, having fallen off those ridges of dural and leptomeningeal mets. I am pretty much a wreck about both the procedure (want to get stressed? Look up “lovenox and epidural black box” ) …. and the results. But everything is set for the kids and violin and meals and all…. I just have to get through it and await the results…. meanwhile I am still alive, I got up, and I have brand new hand knit lace prayer socks sent by a dear friend who understands panic….



4 thoughts on “Remember when “Spinal Tap” was just the name of a band? 1984?

  1. Hugs. Wish I were there to make you a cup of tea or hot cocoa, do laundry and dishes, and just be with you to pray. Endless love from RI, Esther

  2. Praying with your and for you dear Elizabeth. If wishes were horses ….

    Hoping and praying all went well with the spinal tap. Gentle {{hugs}} and many prayers and much love.

  3. pooh the internet swallowed up my first (best) reply. :o(
    (((HUGS))) and prayers
    I had an un-eventful spinal tap 10 years ago- prior I took an anxiety med to prepare for it. Praying yours is like mine was and that they find answers for our miracle!! :o)

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