Candlemas Day Update, 2015

So I posted just a few California photos and left you hanging out to dry after that… so sorry, things just got a little crazy. culminating with abrupt onset of sciatica last weeked that landed me in the ER with an MRI that showed more cancer in every. single. bone.. that they looked at. there was a huge increase in just two weeks. However, due to an allergy to the contrast they could only do the non-contrast MRI. I went back today to have that part of the study done. The results were really bad. Too much to think about, not to mention trying to type and explain here. But basically, we will start radiation therapy right away, maybe as soon as tomorrow (would have started tonight if the steroids coincidentally given for the prep hadn’t helped some) …. 

So, I have super fast super huge spread of my cancer.

My cancer isn’t just invading bones (and liver and pancreas and bone marrow etc) but also putting pressure on nerves and this is kind of urgent. If your spinal cord gets choked off at T1, that;s a problem. 

You know how Brian and I had our Big Bang adventure? (and yes, I will put up more fabulous photos… ) Well, now it’s Sam’s turn if I can possibly do it. And I think I can. So we are going to NYC on Friday, just for 2 days. Details when I’m thinking more clearly. We have already made it clear to the radiation oncology team at 1130 on a Sunday night that they are going to have to work around something more important than their regularly scheduled Friday activities. 

Sorry this is getting so long. If I posted more often, it could be shorter and more efficient. 

I have one pair of socks for a raffle that Madeleine Wolfe is organizing, or at least can tell you details about. I am out of the loop, it might be over?

But otherwise, if I have absolutely promised you a pair of socks – not “someday that would be nice” but more like “I, Elizabeth DeHority, decree that you need a pair of prayer socks and I am going to start them X Y or Z etc… ” OR if I have already started your socks, PLEASE post a comment. Looking at where there is spinal cord involvement, I am worried my knitting time is very finite. So I need to be super–deliberate and organized.

Finally, all of a sudden an 18 month old T shirt order plan resurfaced today. Please, please please wait on that… I like the idea of us all having matching shirts, and I like the idea of using that as a fundraiser for our favorite charities, but I think we need to slow down, stop, start over, clarofy who is running this (it is NOT ME AND NEVER WAS) and then hopefully get something wonderful up; Meanwhile, if you went ahead and ordered, thanks, and I will let you know details as soon as I know them. 

OK, I am too tired to even proofread this post. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will answer to the best of my abilities tomorrow morning. I think it’s time for a miracle now though, since if I got better there would certainly be no other way to explain it.

12 thoughts on “Candlemas Day Update, 2015

  1. Oh precious Elizabeth, I pray daily for this miracle of healing. At this moment I add a specific request for your stamina and lack of pain for your trip with Sam. NYC is a mere hop-skip-and-jump from here. So I shall be waving and you shall feel my love & prayer even more warmly than usual. I will also pray that crazy Northeast USA weather doesn’t impede your travel plans in any way. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ * 70


  2. I will be praying for you and Sam to have a marvelous journey until you are safely home. Don’t worry about proof reading your posts! We are just thankful you are taking precious time to keep us informed. The best is yet to come Elizabeth.

  3. Praying from NYC. You all need good boots and warm clothes, but much fun to be had in NYC even in Feb! My favorite NYC restaurant is Noodle Pudding on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. Also, the very fancy Bouley has a $55 prix fixe menu for lunch during the week.

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