Math, Science, History, Still Unraveling This Mystery

Sorry no more Big Bang photos yet. Re-entry into reality has been tougher than I anticipated. Mostly I think I am exhausted, although it is TOTALLY worth it. But the medical parts have been tough… you know how I had that surgery a couple of weeks ago to get chunks of tumor for testing? Well, it”s STILL bleeding. Just not healing because of all the old radiation scars and because of the current steroids and chemo. Makes sense when you think about it, chemo destroys every growing little baby cell it can get its hands on, and what do we need to heal a multi-layer surgical site? Healthy, happy new little baby cells. Which get destroyed every day after breakfast and supper with my Xeloda. And then because it’s not healing, and I am on heavy duty anti-coagulants, it just keeps bleeding. So this was expected, and normal. Until today when an old infection in my foot returned, and my infectious disease MD specialist wanted me to see the cancer surgeon to check out this non-healing wound. TODAY. So I went to see the surgeon, who scrubbed out the inside of this wound, all the layers, which was, I think, the most astonishingly painful thing I have done in a long time. 

So all of that, combined with some medication changes and a terrible sciatica flare up (not sure from what… I know I have cancer in the vertebrae involved but they didn’t see anything particularly mashing on those nerves… although as fast as this is growing, one never knows… ) 

But anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t posted any more photos, or even any more stories from our most fabulous trip. All this medical stuff and trying to catch up with the pain management even a little bit has sort of taken over. I am hoping that tomorrow (other than when we have to work on my surgical wound, which makes me feel woozy and weak even to think about how stunningly painful that was today…. ) … but tomorrow should be better and easier and I should be able to get some more stories and photos up. Or maybe not… but I will do my best.

6 thoughts on “Math, Science, History, Still Unraveling This Mystery

  1. Even in a person our age who doesn’t have cancer to deal with, all that sitting in airports & on planes can aggravate sciatica. Put that annoying psoriatic arthritis in the mix, and we might not have to blame cancer for the sciatica. I know this doesn’t help anything, even in the smallest most remote way, but at least it’s a thought. If I took a whirlwind trip to CA and had delayed flights and the like, and then I had a sciatica flare, Dr. Elizabeth would assure me it’s all within the realm of normal due to airports and airplanes. So I’m just paying the favor forward to you. 😉

    I keep holding you in prayer. You’ve already endured stuff I think is astonishingly painful, so this wound therapy must be agony indeed. I pray for your comfort.

    Distraction: say a prayer for Greg, my VV, and Felic’yBelle. The three are driving up to Rochester to take the VV back to school. They have to drive in a storm. Ugh. I’ve already booked Greg & Felic’y a hotel room so they won’t try to come home tonight. (I’m sending Felic on this trip primarily so Greg won’t be tempted to do a marathon round trip.) I’ll be home here with Thomas who has a swim meet. Plus I have religious ed to teach tomorrow morning.

    Another distraction – we may have found the right school for T.

    I love you and pray every minute I can for your miraculous healing.

    Hang in there!

    Endless love from RI

  2. I am praying. I love you! You amaze me with your strength. Thank You for sharing. (((HUGS))) I can imagine the beautiful memories made. No pictures needed. You are beautiful inside and out and I thank God for you daily.

  3. sending love & cyberhugs to you, sending prayers to Heaven, and gritting my teeth for you just reading about the wound care. I will continue begging God for a healing miracle for you.

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