Beautiful Bazinga!

i have so many photos, but these just cant wait…. the first two are of brian taking a selfie with Simon (Howard) as well as the resulting photo… what a gracious, kind man he is! and the last one is me, knitting in SHELDONS SPOT !!!!!! We are back at the hotel 3:21 in the morning North Carolina time, so i need to sleep or the journey home tomorrw is going to be intolerably hard…. actually, it probably will anyway, but after such a successful adventure, it will be worth it.




5 thoughts on “Beautiful Bazinga!

  1. You all comfy and knitting in Sheldon’s precious spot on the couch is hilarious! To sum up this trip Brian’s smile says it all!

  2. Enquiring minds need to know: – Does Howard REALLY have that much hair? – Does Sheldon’s spot REALLY have all the perks he says it does? – And could Sheldon tell that you had been sitting (AND KNITTING!) in his spot?

    Welcome home. It looks like it was an amazing trip.

    Plus it’s a miracle I got to witness after praying for it for at least a month or so. Thanks for letting me witness a miracle at least vicariously.

    ❤❤❤ from RI

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