Safely in California

Brian DeHority and i are safely and happily in California. Traveling is hard, physically, though. AND i forgot my card reader for my camera, so i cant upload photos as we go…. sorry (especially that i have to wait to show you the one of Brian in his jacket and tie before we went out for dinner at this fancy French restaurant this evening… Lucille Brown would be happy about all the garlic, raw and cooked, that i consumed this evening  ) ) Tomorrow is the big day, a behind the scenes Warner Brothers tour early in the morning (if i am up to it, otherwise Brian will go independently), then resting for the afternoon and The Big Bang Theory VIP guests at the taping tomorrow night. So thankful for Sam DeHority for coming home from school to take care of little brothers, and especially for driving us to the airort at 5 AM when we couldnt get Uber…. what a LONG day this has been…. long but really, really good. Love and hugs to all….

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