9:30 PM, Eastern time, Christmas Eve, 2014

OK, got the rest of my platelets and escaped from hospital. Minor trouble when inexperienced nurse deaccessed my port without flushing or heparinizing it first, so they had to totally re-stick it and start over. I was pretty annoyed but the nurse felt worse, so I tried to be nice about it. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve supper at Sara’s, and now I’m home, trying to work up the energy to wrap presents. Obviously midnight Mass just isn’t happening for our family…. we’ll try to get a quorum for 9:00 tomorrow morning….. thank you for your prayers. If I don’t have any more bleeding, I don’t have to go back to the doctor until Friday. Love, esd

6 thoughts on “9:30 PM, Eastern time, Christmas Eve, 2014

  1. Praying for you daily and thinking of you often. A blessed Christmas to you, from NZ, where it’s mid-summer, and Christmas Day has now just over a couple of hours left.

  2. Hello Elizabeth and a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and the family! Midnight Mass didn’t happen for my family either-it is the first Christmas since my husband left- but we all went on Christmas morning and despite the pangs about midnight I felt so grateful to have Mass offered on Christmas Day nearby and to be there! What a blessing our faith is! Still praying for you and yours, blessings xx

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