sheer Christmas beauty and joy

I will add photos someday, but right now just use your imagination. I am day 3 post chemo, and had an MRI today, so being off the sofa was NOT exactly on my plans. But you see, George’s school, Park Road Montessori, was having their Winter Village this evening, with all sorts of special events. Danny NEEDED to go, to see old friends, and George NEEDED to be there for …. well, I wasn’t quite sure why but he was supposed to go. Of course Sam and Emily are still in finals, not home yet, and Dixon’s in the middle of his work week. Brian was otherwise committed. And of course there were so many people there that cars were parked on OUR street to walk to school…. (we drove… obviously … past people parking in front of our house going to where we were going, felt kind of awkward about that…) I grumbled. Way more than I should have. It was pretty bad.

Now remember that George is the first and so far only kid with DS at his school. He LOVES school, he loves his friends and his teachers Miss Amberand Miss Jennifer and his principal Miss Anna and I KNOW he is thriving in every way possible. But because Dixon walks him to school every day and Brian picks him up, I;m not there all the time to see it for myself and to get to know all his friends and their parents. So this was a special occasion…. (grumble)

The best way to explain how it went was that less than two minutes into our time in the classroom Danny had to remind me to “compose yourself, mom!” It was so beautiful. The children were sitting in two rows, George was at one end of the back row, and his excitement was absolutely contagious. His whole little body was vibrating. He had a young friend next to him to hold his hand and remind him to be a good listener – and he WAS! He stayed in his spot when he was supposed to, and stood up and sat down when everybody else did…. and they SANG! He chimed in with the last word of most of the phrases, sometimes a little late but always with tremendous enthusiasm. When they sang Jingle Bells, he shook his bells at exactly the right time – and even more significant, DIDNT shake them when he wasn’t supposed to. This is huge, I think. 

Then the class did two demonstration Montessori works – the fours set out a table and put the candles in a Menorah, and then the fives (and George, who will be seven next week) rolled out a rug and set up a Christmas tree. Each child in turn walked carefully to the front and did their little part of the work, then walked carefully back to their spot on line. George, at the end of the back row, was last. His little friend held his hand to help him wait his turn, and then she very deliberately put his hand into his teacher’s hand while she was doing her turn, and then she came back and got George, who knew EXACTLY what he was supposed to do. He got to kneel down and find the little switch on the battery box and turn the lights on the Christmas Tree. Everybody clapped. George clapped. I sobbed. Danny was rather embarrassed, but held my hand anyway…. I will try to post photos but I’m a little emotional at the moment. Overwhelmed with gratitude…..

5 thoughts on “sheer Christmas beauty and joy

  1. Oh yes! That’s sheer beauty on every level! Thank you for telling us!

    And yes – NOT shaking the bells at the wrong time is just as much an accomplishment as shaking the bells at the right time. It’s possibly even bigger, especially for people with impulse control issues.

    What joy!

    God bless Danny for being a good sport even as mom was sobbing with joy.

    God bless George’s friend who had an extremely important job to do.

    God bless those teachers for their true dedication to each and every student’s success.

    Wow. Just wow.

    Love to all, Esther

  2. Oh Elizabeth I am weeping tears of JOY! Beautiful! Thank You for sharing!
    We do Montessori homeschool with our 6 youngest blessings. I’ll have to do a post about it one day! :o)
    (((((((HUGS)))))))) and prayers We LOVE you ALL!!

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