Thanksgiving + Transfusion + Gratitude


In the seven minutes between home and the hospital, I managed to miss Maggie‘s band on TV at the Macy’s Parade in New York. The nurses had been saving me a spot right in front of the TV just in case, but since I missed it anyway, I’m in a quieter chair off to the side. And now they are re-running my type and cross because of some sort of problem. It’s just that kind of day. VERY thankful for neighbors Carolyn Kent Waterbury and Michelle E Troscianiec Braun and the Wileys and the Halls and everybody on Devon Drive who are bringing dinner at 3…. and of course, thankful especially for the O negative people who donated all these red cells for my transfusion today.

Here’s the Pride of the Mountains in the parade:

(Ann O hopes the link works but makes no promises.)

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving + Transfusion + Gratitude

  1. Irony! I saw the band but didn’t know what I was looking at until I watched Mrs. Pazur’s video later.

    God bless all the O-negative donors – and all other donors too. The gift of life.

    Elizabeth – Today is yet another Thanksgiving when the top of my Gratitude List includes the fact that you are here and my precious friend. I’ve known you since 2001 so this must be the fourteenth Thanksgiving with that.

    ❤ and prayer from RI

  2. (((HUGS))) and LOVE and prayers for you and all the type O donors. I am so thankful today for a precious woman named Elizabeth (yes you :o) who tirelessly fund raised until 3 little boys could come home from Bulgaria. Three little boys who are having their 3rd Thanksgiving with us! Thank You! My Precious Friend in Christ! And Thank You for your family sharing you with us!

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