day one of Gemzar

Quick update, then I am going back to sleep… today is post chemo day one from my new chemo, Gemzar. Yesterday went just fine, administratively,Paula Ladnier was my wonderful, faith-filled chemo doula, and Sara Pressly was the Transportation Department for all the boys and their crazy Monday of symphony and scouts. Brian DeHority managed everything after Dixon left for work. So far the main early side effects, exactly by the books, are fever, headache, muscle pain and fatigue. I think if I had hair, it would hurt too. So I am going back to sleep. Sorry to be out of touch today, if you need me, call the land line house phone and have one of the kids wake me up. Oh, the plan – I get this drug weekly, three weeks on, one week off. Midge and Patrick Sweeney will be here to take care of everyhing next week, because it’s a super-blitz chemo week with all my other drugs then the week after Dixon will be off at the beginning then Emily will be here for the rest of it. OK, now I really am signing off, going to go hide. Love to all.

4 thoughts on “day one of Gemzar

  1. I hope that Gemzar is just the right amount of toxic to those tumor cells. I admire your fearlessness. I love you and wish for you lots of laughter and restorative slumber.

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