a vacation to Michigan – for you?

Michigan in winter – a very good thing… FREE trip to Michigan in the winter – priceless 

http://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fshr-me.com%2Fshare.aspx%3FpromotionId%3D2929%26shareGuid%3Dd8a5fff1-1a0f-4611-8f78-8852b03ffb2d&h=rAQGv6Oh6&enc=AZO6uQt9qX5kHBjythnGv_RyOoayt4Kecgxjwfv2dtBvW4SRr_EJLQO_XaG9y2rYSxYOUYmP7UGASzVvKDrYj__e&s=1A winter getaway for 5 at Boyne Mountain Ski Resort in Michigan, $12,000 value.

Let it snow! Enjoy 5-days at the Boyne Highlands Resort in Michigan for five, including airfare, gift cards and $2,000 cash.

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