Socks, & Chemo Day B

From Facebook – Ann O


Socks, chemo….. After a lovely day at Infusion Center A yesterday, I am now at Infusion Center B. Today’s cocktail includes Halaven (the Sponge Bob chemo) and Cyclophosphamide (cheap but very very valuable old fashioned chemo) and Zometa (bone chemo that causes fever. When all your other drugs tell you to get REALLY REALLY upset and do not pass Go do not collect 200 dollars go get checked if you have a fever….. ) 

Upon request, I am waiting for a couple more photos of much loved socks. You all made me SO happy yesterday with all the stories and the photos. I felt so wrapped up in friendship, and it totally got me through. Maybe we need to think of something fun to do every chemo day. I need SOMETHING to make it better, this is getting far beyond tolerable otherwise. 

Today’s photos… Today’s socks, for this superblitz chemofest, are rainbow socks which match my sock-sister Ann Voskamp’s, that she wears when she needs to be brave. Yesterday’s Infusion Day Specials were the collaborative project with my friend Tricia Morris. Then, the socks with shoes belong to Jane Sweeney Ghosh who is in the airport on the way from England!!! And the final photo is today’s chemo doula, who gets to sleep through this experience because he has to work all night.






7 thoughts on “Socks, & Chemo Day B

  1. Why is Halaven called “Sponge Bob Chemo”?

    I have rainbow socks too. With matching mittens. Are you, Ann & I sock triplets? Mine are worn through.

  2. I have never had socks. But I pretend I do! Precious socks were sold for my boys. A miracle to save 3 lives! Life giving socks that my heart owns!
    I wish I could be there to help.
    Sending ALL our LOVE with (((((HUGS)))))) and many many prayers

  3. That doula is pretty amazing. I’ll bet he could sleep in the middle of Randolph Road as long as he had a pillow. Is sleeping anywhere, any time you get the chance something they teach you in med school, or is it an acquired talent?

  4. What lovely sock photos Elizabeth! I am still praying for you and your family. A very Happy Feast Day to you for Saint John Paul the Great!

  5. You have a gem of a chemo doula….Husband of the decade and then some, but as they say, behind every great man is a great woman!!!

  6. Love and prayers Elizabeth. Oh, the socks you knit are so pretty! Always love catching glimpses of them 🙂 it’s the little things, right? Praying for rest for you all, in the comfort of one another’s gentle embrace. God is so good. The harder the road, the more clearly i see that …

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