a “lactivism” cartoon is more fun than cancer, of course

Today is metastatic breast cancer day. I have avoided the whole “pink-tober” concept for various reasons, including having great intentions to devote some time to down syndrome issues, also an October thing. I have committed to several friends to blog about some early reading techniques and down syndrome, but threw myself entirely into just being present with my children this weekend instead. In my attempt to avoid panic and anxiety about my upcoming infusion day on Wednesday, rather than thinking about metastatic breast cancer on metastatic breast cancer day I have decided to think about this comic strip instead http://sfglobe.com/?id=15688&src=share_fb_new_15688

(From Facebook – Ann O)

One thought on “a “lactivism” cartoon is more fun than cancer, of course

  1. It’s a funny comic! I’ve been thinking about it all day.

    Holding you in prayer tonight for peace, free from anxiety about tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I will be holding you in prayer, too, as I work & go to prison.

    On a + note – mailed 86 hats today, plus your package to Sister. In that package went a pair of yummy merino+silk gloves.

    Much love from RI

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