I was tempted to tell them to just forget about it, stay at school, take it easy. One has a big biopharmaceutical cloning lab exam Tuesday. Another has been dealing with the auto repair shop and a car with a power steering recall and needing all sorts of new brake things… the car isn’t even done yet and he has to be back in Chapel Hill tomorrow evening. 

But the chance to have 100 % of my babies at home under my roof tonight… no matter how late they get in…. PLUS there are some little brothers who are so excited to see them… AND the Saint Ann’s parish carnival is tomorrow (in my opinion, second most exciting day in the liturgical calendar after First Holy Communion) I resisted temptation and told them to hurry home, I miss them so much. 

Poor Brian has the SAT’s tomorrow (to apply for NCSSM) and drivers ed, so he can’t stay up late to wait for them and will miss most of the carnival…. But still, even if they’re not all awake at the same time and even if I don’t get any pictures of everybody together, I will know they’re all here with me. I’ve needed this to happen for a long time.


(from Facebook – Ann O)

4 thoughts on “ALL FIVE!

  1. I’m very happy about this news! Wishing the olders safe travels. Wishing Brian the best on his exams. Hoping you all enjoy the festival as much as possible! ❤ from RI

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