Blood – the gift of life, and breath, and strength….

From Facebook – Ann O

Approximately 11 AM Eastern Time, 10/4/2014

On the way to the hospital to get transfused. This is a good thing – fresh new red cells will carry more oxygen to my brain and are pretty much guaranteed to help my shortness of breath. I am post chemo day 2 for this week and still recovering from super-blitz chemo last week, so anything at all that will help me feel a little stronger sounds like a great idea to me. Phone signals are NOT good at the hospital, so don’t worry if I don’t answer or text back (besides, with all the premeds, there is a good chance I’ll sleep through the whole thing…) AND!!! Sam is coming home tonight. OK, Gotta go.

Approximately Noon Eastern Time, 10/4/2014

Thankful for blood donors, it really truly is such a gift of life.


I am settled in for the afternoon at the hospital, where they have the fanciest infusion chairs ever… with remote controls and even heated seats.


Wearing my sock-sisters socks from last Christmas, because they remind me to be grateful for the best friends ever. And now I am going to take a nap.


6 thoughts on “Blood – the gift of life, and breath, and strength….

  1. I pray for you so much. You are a great encourager. I have brain tumors and know just what God can do. Amazing things.

  2. PS – I am a veteran blood donor. Started giving as a Freshman in college when a friend invited me to the on-campus Red Cross blood drive. I gave more than five gallons in Massachusetts. Then I moved to Rhode Island. I have donated 76 times in RI, 5 of them “doubles”, so I have given 81 pints of reds in RI. I don’t know my grand total and it’s impossible to figure out as my Massachusetts records are gone.

    But if anyone reading this is in general good health and has not donated blood, or has not donated in a long time, I encourage you to call your local donor center and talk to them about an appointment to donate.

    If beloved ESD and I were compatible types, I’d do a directed donation to her in an instant.

    If you have a flexible schedule, there is even a special kind of donation you can do on a moment’s notice for a particular super-special blood product for people in crisis. I forget what its called but ESD would know. She and I talked about it once.

    If I can answer non-medical questions about donation, feel free to ask me. I am an Ambassador for my, and all, blood centers.

  3. Didja hear it? Didja hear today’s second reading???

    Not only did I HEAR it, I got to READ it!

    I wasn’t supposed to be the lector, but… A series of coincidences* led to my being able read aloud YOUR reading!

    I’m supposed to tutor a student in RE on Sunday mornings, but the student is out of town today so I will tutor on Tuesday.

    Another lector, scheduled for today’s 10 AM Mass, was a no-show for reasons beyond me. That lector often has last-minute business trips.

    There were several seasoned lectors in the Church. Father could have asked any of them.

    I was NOT dressed for lectoring: wet hair, bare legs, skorts, Birkenstocks, short sleeve shirt….. But the pastor asked ME to lector at the last moment. Like 9:59:37 AM! So I did. (Thank goodness my kids are old enough to be well behaved even without a parent sitting with them. Hubby was singing with the choir.)

    Was I ever delighted that the second reading ( was the KEEP ON SPINNING reading! (

    * Coincidence – when G-d chooses to remain anonymous.

  4. Don’t know if WP will allow a photo in a comment but if it will, I want you to see what I got at my last donation.

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