ChemoBlitz 9/23/2014+

(From Facebook, Tuesday AM, 9/23/14 – Ann O)

Facebook has eaten two posts this morning. guess they were really whiny if even Facebook didn’t want them… I’m going to try one more time before I get on my way to day one of chemo blitz.

This morning I should be at my absolute best, the farthest past the last chemo I am going to get. But if this is my best I am in trouble. I have spent all weekend arranging for other people to do my job – taking care of my children, getting me places, etc… I hate doing that. I am supposed to be able to take care of my family. Sigh.


Thanks to the “better living through chemistry” concept (i.e. take whatever medicine you need to be able to do the things you want to do) Betsy English and Brooke Porsch were able to take me to the park to knit.


(Betsy’s making a gorgeous pure alpaca scarf for callie and Brooke is working on the softest ever hooded baby blanket,and I got started on a pair of socks for Renee Tam… mostly pink…)


While we were knitting, we got to listen to Brian DeHority‘s symphony concert, which was fabulous.


Of course I paid the price later. I couldn’t get off the sofa for 24 hours after. Which is why I am having to ask everybody in Charlotte to help me out this week. Which is really,really hard for me. Especially when I’m so tired and anxious, kind of ironic, I know… However, Dixon goes back to work tonight and even if I just want to hide UNDER my bed and not deal with anything or anybody, life for my family needs to go on and so I’ve called in the reserves.

Whether I am going to be able to get out of bed and be dressed and friendly and social is another story, we’ll see how bad this third round is… and how much worse the combination/blitz concept is… Anyway, off to chemo 1. Paula Ladnier is taking me tomorrow to chemo 2,my third dose of this new one. This is really, really not easy.

7 thoughts on “ChemoBlitz 9/23/2014+

  1. Hugs!

    I have socks that nearly match the ones in progress for Renee. Mine might be more peach than pink.

    I like your Better Living Through Chemistry. Chemicals are helping you stay here for your family. And friends.

    Love from RI

  2. LOVE and (((((((HUGS)))))) through the internet, and God’s Hands. We wish we were close enough to help. But then I’d maybe need help helping you! LOL! Since my nuero disease is relapsing and remitting. I’m not complaining in the least. When it gives me a break I feel blessed. And you can whine all you want because you are facing something incredibly hard. And yet you do it with such grace! Love you!!

  3. Dear Elizabeth, holding you and your family close in my prayers, as always. I have not had cancer but I do understand the physical debilitation you describe as my brain tumor rendered me permanently physically disabled — so I can relate very well to the going out of the house for an event and then needing to collapse for 24hrs afterwards! {{hugs}} and love and prayers.

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