It’s not smart to sleep through your medicine time on day 3 post chemo.

It is 152 AM, so officially chemo day 3. Someday i will write and illustrate an amazing blog post about why, exactly, chemo makes you feel bad. But for now, let me share this wisdom with you. When you are on the post chemo day when all your little baby cells all through your body all die at once, releasing their previously protected enzymes and other noxious chemicals, setting off a HUGE cytokine cascade, it is a REALLY bad idea to sleep through the time when you usually take your pain medicine and your anti-throw up medicine and your steroids (for adrenal insufficiency, unrelated to cancer but a major hassle to coordinate with chemo) ,,,, But anyway, when you usually carefully time all your medicines to overlap precisely, and then one evening you sleep right through, several hours past the dexamthasone and the MS Contin and the Zofran and the phenergan and even the fast acting pain meds… on a day when even with the drugs you felt SO BAD that all you could do was whine on the sofa… I can tell you this, that waiting for my medicine to start working was a really, really good way to remind me never, ever to let that happen again.


Speaking of medicines, have i ever told you how grateful I am to have health insurance??? Look at this one. I have more in the same general ballpark, And that’s not even chemo.

OK, now that all the drugs are working, I am going to try to sleep. That shouldn’t be hard. Except for the HUGE list of thank you notes that has been looking at me all day. Beautiful chemo caps, Masses, meals for our families, Masses, a rosary blessed by a Pope, perfect books and videos, Audibles credits, Masses, and so much help with the children and with driving… Some day. But if you are one of the ever so lovely people who has sent me a card, or taken the time to email me a happy video link or a verse that might uplift me, or carefully wrapped a gift and taken it to the post office and stood in line, hoping that I will unwrap it with as much love and excitement as you put into the parcel on your end… please know that I am ever so grateful.


And speaking of grateful! Amy Boroughs husband Adam is flying to rescue their son.


Amber Gilchrist Anderson has already left to go get her twoboys, and then another friend of mine, you all didn;t fundraise for her, but her baby girl has cancer and so you know how I feel about that, and she is already there with her daughter, getting to hold her in her arms for the first time, hoping to hustle her back to the US at warp speed to avoid an emergency eye removal where she is now… So we’ve just been praying for her (hahaha… just praying 🙂 That’s funny) So many miracles you all have done, so many miracles. Can’t just be a coincidence that three friends are traveling to the same place on the same weekend, you know? And now, thank you notes still unwritten but medications working, I am going back to sleep….


Tomorrow, photos of MY babies.  And all the news about school.  I totally have to show you George’s communication book from school, if his amazingly gifted teacher keeps it up (she even pastes in photos almost every day) at the end of the year, she will truly have a publishable account of kindergarten inclusion in a Montessori classroom.  I told her the title needs to be “Inclusion Done Right” 🙂  Good night, friends, love and hugs and peace to all.

3 thoughts on “It’s not smart to sleep through your medicine time on day 3 post chemo.

  1. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE you!! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))) and prayers
    So sorry you slept through your medications. What a hard lesson :o( Wish I was there to help you remember! :o)
    Love the updates on the families- Wooo-Hoo!

  2. If you EVER spend your precious limited energy penning a Thank You note for me, I will be officially furious with you.

    An e-note in abbreviation-speak replete with typos is MORE than enough gratitude for me. As it is, I continue to hope and pray you are taking full advantage of the voice-to-text capabilities on your e-devices.

    I use package tracking to know a package has not been lost. Since I know in my heart of hearts that you are thrilled and grateful, if you don’t even send an e-message, I will *KNOW* in my heart of hearts that you are thrilled and grateful.

    Maybe I should start being angry from now on if you waste your precious limited energy on e-notes of gratitude. Nah, I’m just self-centered enough that I still want e-notes from you.

    But should you neglect to mention gratitude when you are telling me something else (like “it’s chemo day 3 and I feel like carp”) I will still *KNOW* in my heart of hearts that you are thrilled and grateful.

    I’m betting that most of the other people who love you can echo my sentiments.

    If Miss Manners would be HORRIFIED that I am saying “LET ESD BAN THANK YOU NOTES”, well, then…. Let’s just say it won’t be the first time I’ve HORRIFIED Miss Manners. Laugh!

    Love, hugs, and “just” prayers, Esther

  3. You don’t know me but I have been following your blog for awhile. I wanted to tell you that I think the grace and dignity with which you deal with your illness is incredible. Even when you must feel like hell you muster up the energy to help raise money for disadvantaged children! You have a beautiful family and a courageous and resilient spirit. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the inspiration.

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