T minus 4 hours (Chemo dose 2)

Five hours have passed since FB posting before the transfer to the blog. So now it’s T minus 4 hours. Emphasis about heart & neuropathy is mine. Ann O

T minus nine hours and 25 minutes until dose number two of my new chemo. Last week my white cell count was borderline (2.9) so there is a chance that if this new drug has dropped it more, they could decide not to do the infusion. That would be bad.

So far the number one side effect has been PROFOUND weakness. and fatigue.

Like “sleep for 12 hours, get up,brush teeth,and then have to take a four hour nap to recover from the extreme exertion of brushing teeth” kind of tired.

And weakness like not being able to pull my shirt off over my head because it’s too heavy kind of weakness.

I now feel like the laziest mama in the entire universe. But so far we are having no cardiac complications or worsening neuropathy. My hair has not yet started to fall out. Nine hours and 21 minutes ….. stress, stress, stress……

4 thoughts on “T minus 4 hours (Chemo dose 2)

  1. My heart breaks that you are weak and tired. I wish I could do something to help you.
    Thank you for the update, there are many of us who care for you and are thinking of you.

  2. I had my first visit to the OB yesterday, and I’m 28wks pregnant (insurance woes). As I sat there, thinking how much I hated being at the Dr.’s office. I picked up my knitting and thought of you, putting prayers into each stitch, enduring each new round of chemo. I thought, this is for Elizabeth. I’m offering up the rest of my pregnancy & L/D for you. You are such an amazing example of courage and faith!

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