Rescuing Orphans is WAY more fun than chemo

from Facebook – Ann O

Friends – Jaime Vanchura only has a couple of days left for her fundraiser for the Amber Gilchrist Anderson family…. please, please enter… just go like Jaime’s post or share or contribute….. i want this to be my best sock fundraiser ever but the lack of interest is …ummmmm…… underwhelming for sure.

Have you not participated because you think it’s crazy that a family would be adopting two boys without adequate cash in hand to pay those many tens of thousands of dollars in fees and expenses to save their boys’ lives?



Well, Amber didn’t plan it that way but there were families traveling before them who were truly desperate due to all sorts of disasters, and so Amber shared the funds she’d raised for her boys’ adoption…. and shared and shared and shared. So now she’s about to travel to rescue her sons and needs our help.

They have less than $6000.00 left to go, that’s less than a single dose of some chemotherapies.

Saving boys is way more fun than chemo, for sure. Thanks for listening.

Jaime Vanchura with Elizabeth DeHority and Amber Gilchrist Anderson
Thu · Edited ·
**Free entry just for liking this post**
Well, isn’t this something? Last night I posted that one of our families needed $310 to expedite a power of attorney form their agency overlooked. They travel in just 7 days. Well, you wonderful folks met the need overnight before I could even whip anything up to give away or sell! More folks posted, and it turns out the Anderson family still needs $6500 that Amber said nothing about. Well, I don’t have $6500 today, but I’ve got these socks…

Ok, Elizabeth DeHority has these socks: beautiful wool, purple with orange and black stripes, knit with 19,200 stitches, every stitch a prayer. They are the perfect companion for quiet morning prayer and sending mamas and daddies to their boys on the other side of the world. While bids on these precious socks often go into the $400-$500 range, this pair could be yours for $5. Make a donation for any amount, and email your receipt to me at $1=an entry. Or, share *or like* this post for a free entry (email me to let me know). We’ll draw a winner the night before the Andersons leave.

Maybe we can send them to Danny and Wayne fully funded. And maybe we’ll just get them a little closer. But I know that more than one family will be blessed by the love of our hands.

Donate to Danny and Wayne’s adoption here:

If you don’t know the story of these socks, you can read about them here:

One thought on “Rescuing Orphans is WAY more fun than chemo

  1. I hope they travel fully funded. Is this travel trip the one to bring home the boys? As in there will be some new Americans very soon?

    I put a dress on NMSL as free-for-donation. If someone likes the dress she can set her own price for it by donating to their fund.

    How are the eyelashes coming along?

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