All the babies are in school-school (on post-chemo Day 1)

From Facebook. Ann O

Post chemo day one, all my babies are GONE to school-school which is great for them, truly they are thriving in every sense but gosh, the separation anxiety on my part is depressing… and you know that “new’ chemo they started (not the one I got yesteday, that’s a different one… very confusing, sorry…) but anyway remember that new one that works in, like, 10 % of people in the best situations? Well, it’s been 12 weeks so tomorrow we see the oncologist to decide what to do next. Anxiety, anxiety…. so I’ve spent my post chemo day one here mostly sleeping, not feeling well enough to knit, but occasionally catching up on friends blogs. If you are a T21 club mama, remember that old Ace and Archie video from a couple of years ago? Their mama made a new one! If you never saw the first one, watch them both, OK? Here is the link to the webpage with both the old and the new videos.

6 thoughts on “All the babies are in school-school (on post-chemo Day 1)

  1. Dearest ESD and readers, Please say a quick prayer for J’s mother. Yes, yes, I know you haven’t a clue who J is. But I have no clue who is mother is, so there. It doesn’t matter. God knows. So here’s the story. J is serving a long sentence in the Maximum Security Prison. His mom has stage 4 bone cancer. Recently J got to visit his mom. At her sick bed. In shackles. He was very sad that the last time he would see his mother, and she would see him, it would be with him in shackles with armed guards at his sides. To think that *I* got to see a much better view of J than his own mother did makes me cry. Seriously, I’m heart-broken that I got to see J in a class, improving himself, NOT in shackles. Wait, I’m not heartbroken that I got to see J at his current best. I’m heartbroken that his mom’s last view of her son is in shackles. With armed guards. Please, say a prayer for some kind of miracle, that J and his mom would both feel God’s Hug in these next days. It’d be awesome if she got a miracle healing of walk-on-water caliber. But if that’s not in His plan, then maybe she can get a vision of her son at his current best: taking classes, improving himself, learning how to live without drugs, advocating for himself and his fellow Max-mates. Maybe J can get a vision of his mom’s love for him – love that breaks mental shackles.

    Here’s to continuing to hope (and expect) that you are an odds-beater. So far you have been. You continue to work miracles in the lives of all whom you touch, even as you are sick. Seriously – I would NEVER have seen those videos and virtually met Ace and Archie were it not for you, today. You work little miracles wherever you tread, even as you feel carpy, lonely, and anxious at home on post-chemo day one.

    Wish I were there to share a cup of tea and a hug.

    Much love from Rhode Island, Esther

  2. Esther, J and his mother will be in my prayers! God has another angel working with J and hope you know J is blessed having you in his life…sort of like our Elizabeth…you touch lives as well. As always I agree with you on anything you post, but you expressed our views of Elizabeth perfectly! Prayers!

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