An answer to our prayers, and some prayers for others

Hello dear readers. These updates came from Facebook. They are slightly edited, versus pasted verbatim, so as to make more sense in the KeepOnSpinning blog. Mainly they are edited for time references. – Ann Onymous

Answer to prayers for Danny:
Answer to prayer. Danny starts middle school… as in “go to school, real school, middle school”, on Monday (8/25). And with less than a week to go, only three days notice after we discovered that we were about to have a chair emergency, we got a fabulous exactly-sized-for-Danny super-powered vehicle delivered by the kindest craftsman…. In much better shape than we could have dreamed it would be, since it’s a used chair.
Isn’t it a work of BEAUTY?!

About prayers for others, including praying while knitting socks:
So much news, I really need to do a real blog post. (versus an Ann O FB->KOS blog post. 🙂 Ann) It was my friend Tricia Morris’s birthday yesterday (8/19), and she and I cooked up one pair of socks to auction for Colleen Novit’s adoptions and then there’s another pair, just like the ones I made for my aunt Nancy Mclellan and my sister Jane Sweeney Ghosh, as a fundraiser for another adoption. So many people have been asking about socks since Ann Voskamp’s post about them on August 18… so there will be two pair up on ebay as soon as my laptop cooperates…

I had an appointment with the cardio-oncologist on  8/19. My cancer news is beyond depressing, so we’ll wait until another day to talk about that…. so let’s think about socks. Here are the two pair going on ebay…. both wool, women’s large, knit with prayer and so much love… I’ll post a link as soon as the auctions are up, I promise.

(Two MORE works of art, in Ann O’s opinion.)


(Dear reader, Bookmark this link to any and all of dear ESD’s eBay items. Ann O.)

2 thoughts on “An answer to our prayers, and some prayers for others

  1. (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) and many prayers Sweet Elizabeth. Danny’s chair is way beyond COOL!! Love it!! What a blessing!! The socks are beautiful. I can’t imagine how many people have fallen in LOVE with you after Ann’s post!! You are amazing my LOVE!!!

  2. Elizabeth – I’ve followed your blog for over four years now. When I first started reading, I learned so much from your approach to catechesis (your wonderful posts on First Communion Retreats, teachin about Baptism,…), I continue to learn from you from the grace that shines through your beautiful heart and soul. You remain in my payers

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