Leadership and All-Around AWESOMENESS

With Awesome Sauce on top! Who? Danny, of course! – Ann O.

I took the afternoon off from working on my Zometa / Novartis Oncology project to go with one of Danny’s nurses to his violin concert this afternoon. I may or may not get around to putting video up…. it was fabulous, so I hope I find the energy.

You know, not that long ago, Dixon and I truly thought that it would be a miracle if Danny could play Twinkle all by himself… heck,it took a miracle for him to be able to sit up AND hold his violin AND hold his bow all at the same time. So to be able to watch as he and his friends played Irish fiddle tunes, some jazz, and Humoresque and the First Seitz ….. what a gift.

awesomenessThis is why I need to keep on with this whole chemo thing… to have more amazing moments like today with my family Jessica Stephenson Taylor, Judy Meister, Laurel Talley, Nan Freeman I am so grateful.

4 thoughts on “Leadership and All-Around AWESOMENESS

  1. You encourage me so much with your beautiful spirit! What a blessing you are to so many! Especially your beautiful-beautiful family!
    We LOVE you ALL!! ((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))) and many many prayers

  2. Have not commented before, but have been following your blog for a while and praying for you daily. Love your updates and your love for your family. HAD to comment on this one when I read the name Laurel Talley, because I very briefly taught her violin at summer camp in PA in 1993 when she was about 9 or 10!! So cool that she’s teaching your son!

  3. Well done Danny! You must all be so proud, what a great moment. Thank you for sharing it with us. Much love and prayers to you all x

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