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From Facebook – Ann O

Sunday night 7/13
Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?” Cancer. Symptoms of a growing tumor pressing on nerves and blood vessels, and symptoms from the treatment. Like one big, two medium and countless small hematomas from the Lovenox blood thinner shots. And all the queasies from the increased dose of Cytoxan…. Appointments at the cardio-oncologist and the oncologist tomorrow, with accessing my port and chemo shots and labs for yet another drug that would be a great addition to the ones I’m already on, but insurance won’t pay for. I guess so far we’ve been lucky, in six years this is only the second drug that insurance has decided won’t help me, even though the doctors think it will…. and it could be worse, this one is only about 600 dollars a dose for the generic. Plus infusion fees. And labs. Sigh. But at least my eyelashes are growing back….

Monday morning 7/14
We have a win win plan for the non-covered chemo drug. If I sell the unwanted and unloved parts of my totally-out-of-space-in-my-dining-room yarn and spinning fiber stash on Ravelry or ebay, my family will be happy to have that space back, and I won’t have to worry about well meaning friends starting a gofundme site (which we totally don’t need) or even worse, worrying about us. But I refuse to sell socks to get chemo money. Socks are for RR fundraisers, and that is all. (except for the cashmere ones for the Wild Fibers Women’s Center…. Susan Ralph and Richard Lawn at Colourmart donate that yarn, so it will escape destashing ) So there you go, problem solved. Now if we can just cure my anxiety….

ESD – please know to your very core that Ann O is praying for your peace and anxiety relief.

9 thoughts on “eyelashes & more

  1. Love to you Elizabeth and to all the family….I miss George….Anna send me a pic of him in her office the other day…You are constantly in my prayers….much love

  2. Sending LOVE-LOVE-LOVE with prayers!!!! LOTS of PRAYERS! The 4 non special needs children pray for you before every meal!
    That drug certainly sounds reasonable for being not covered. My group home gals have had medications refused that cost a lot more than that!
    I’ve de-cluttered all of my crafts and my kids tell me space is a beautiful thing! LOL!!!
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

  3. Happy to buy any itch-free warm yarn for winter gloves & mittens … To protect the hands of my Great Lakes-bound kid. Just say the word!

    And hooray for eyelashes!

    W/ prayer… Me

  4. Always praying for you Elizabeth, and for your dear family. I will be specific now and tell God that actually you would like the insurance to pay for this new drug. (You could have a clear out of your dining room anyway! ) much love to all, x x

  5. I did lovenox shots for a year when I was pregnant. What worked for me (no bruising!) was icing the area for about 30 second to a minute before the injection, pinching an inch of skin enough to hold it still, pushing the needle in so slowly you can’t really feel it, pushing the medication in slowly enough so you don’t feel it, pulling it out slowly, then icing for about a minute afterward. After that, I didn’t shower or move much for half an hour. Band aids made me bruise, so I just wrapped my ice pack in paper towels and the bleeding would be done when my icing was done. The way they teach you to pinch and jam the needle in, then force the medication in, left me with giant bruises. Sorry for the unsolicited advise for someone with your expertise. Just hoping it can help you be in less pain.

    Really hoping this round works. And yay for eyelashes!

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