Very Valuable Photo

We are at Virginia Suzuki Institute, and settling into a routine of classes, chasing George, rehearsals, trying to keep George off the elevators, practicing and trying to explain to George why he can’t sing along during master classes…

He had to tell Papa all about the music this morning….

My parents aren’t here because I decided I needed them more next week with chemo…  So Emily is here and that is a VERY good thing….


Because, look at this photo:


Just in case I can’t get a good photo tonight, I captured this one during our 8:00 rehearsal this morning.  Tuesday night at institute is the advanced kids and faculty concert.  The first half is the oldest students, who are here doing chamber music since many of them are pretty much finished with the whole Suzuki repertoire, who accompany the medium big kids playing the classic Suzuki pieces like the Bach Double and a Vivaldi or Seitz or two…  Even though Emily is not officially attending the institute, she is sitting in for the viola section for this orchestra, along with Brian who is there because he is doing the chamber music thing.  As we prepared for camp, I was so happy that both of them would be playing together, it was one of the parts of the week that I was most looking forward to.  It always brings me such joy when my babies make beautiful  music together…

BUT, here’s the cool part.  Danny, despite five hours of other classes yesterday, spent many, many hours practicing on his own, and managed to learn and memorize the second Seitz and will be playing tonight too.  So that photo?  It has Emily AND Brian AND Danny, all playing together.  Look –


You might have to zoom, and you can only see a bit of the top of the back of Brian’s head, but they are all there.  Really, truly.

Joy, joy, joy.

There are some moments that remind me why all this chemo and all these tests and all these drugs and everything is worth it.  This morning was one of them for sure.

11 thoughts on “Very Valuable Photo

  1. so wonderful Elizabeth. I am so happy that you are there and watching your children!!!! Marilyn the CSM sock cranker who uses your recipe for dyeing socks! I am tearful with happiness for you. Hang in there.

  2. It was soooooo wonderful to see you and and your lovely children this past week! You inspire me! Dr. Suzuki is smiling down on you all.

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