Oh my goodness, all I need to do is let one person know that things aren’t quite as easy as I’d hoped and then the whole western half of the state of Virginia, along with most of eastern TN, comes flying to our aid.

I truly was OK with not being able to give my undivided attention to the fiddle students at their concert, having spent the last 48 hours sitting in class being absolutely amazed that they can learn astonishingly complex tunes with such facility.

I was slightly sad that we missed supper tonight, I am looking forward to our annual trek to Barbara Kingsolver” Harvest Table Restaurant… and I KNOW I didn’t say anything to anybody, but ended up having a wonderful supper in our room with perfect hot soup and a whole box of desserts to choose from. We will certainly be visiting that remarkable bastion of locovoriousness later this week, but meanwhile, the take out gifts brought happiness, for sure

And Nothing can be better than when an overtired, overloaded, out of his element 6 year old finally relaxes enough to fall asleep on your chest… So, it’s all good. Although tomorrow we have three children in two different orchestras all starting at 8 AM… I KNOW I will be having cake for breakfast. probably shouldn’t save any of the wine to go with…. Now if only Anne Francis Bayless and Catharine McClure Jackson and Meg Spear and Danielle and Tom Mathis’s family were here…. Next year we are kidnapping Ginny Foreman and Sarah Ryan Ma for sure. Oh!!!! And did I tell you Mama Rowena Soriano Gonzalez Aldridge and her Ella will be here Thursday??? video tomorrow, I promise. Love and hugs.

One thought on “gratitude

  1. crying tears of JOY! Blessings abound around you! ((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))))))))) Many many many prayers!
    I’m already excited to hear about next year!! I can “fel” the JOY through your posts!

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