She chose PRETTY

10451067_10202255605810910_2904088090129940611_nDo you remember when Elizabeth asked if she should make Ugly Socks (which might get worn) or Pretty Socks (which will be capital-c Cherished)? Well she chose Pretty with bright & cheerful colors. She made a pair for herself to match. The recipient shall get them this morning!

Updated from Facebook:
So. We are at Suzuki. I am so happy to be here, but far weaker and having more pain management problems than I had thought, Let’s just say I didn’t realize how much we’ve been able to rearrange things back home to give me the illusion that I was still mostly able to do my job…. We all climbed back into bed after breakfast and had a family meeting in the hotel today, and we’re trying a new plan this morning that might tide us over until Dixon gets here Tuesday. You know what? Cancer sucks. I try to be a good sport about things most of the time but once in a while I think that it’s really, really not fair that our family has to deal with it.


– Ann Onymous

3 thoughts on “She chose PRETTY

  1. Oh, YES, so VERY pretty! What an amazing work of art for someone’s lucky feet!

    Praying for lots of beautiful music and memories this week during Music in The Mountains!

  2. It’s totally unfair. It’s one of life’s burdens I’m sure you wouldn’t wish on anybody, let alone a loved one. If I had a magic wand, your cure would be my first use. Love, hugs, prayer. Me

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