Another Make-a-Wish Trip!

posted on Facebook – Ann Onymous

I didn’t dare type it until we were less than 12 hours from leaving. But I think the next item on my make-a-wish list might come true. Tomorrow our family is going to Music in the Mountains, the Virginia Suzuki Institute, that we have been to so many years in a row. Some families go to Disney, some take cruises, others do mission trips together. We do VSI. The unbelievable part of the whole thing is the village…. from our neighbors here getting Brian’s bike affixed to the top of the van and nurses taking their own time to get danny’s ICU-in-a-suitcase packed to friends all along the way getting us from here to there, to fellow long time Suzuki mamas who have already figured out who is going to drive which of the kids where so that I don’t have to miss Mass on Sunday morning. Never, ever thought this would work out, and that i would be able to spend a whole week listening to my children make beautiful music with each other and with their friends.


Ann O & all readers wish you a GREAT & blessed trip!

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