Do you remember Luke’s BIG miracle? Let’s do it again.

From Facebook a few minutes ago:

You are never going to believe this. You know those socks that Tricia Morrisand I made, from ebay, auctioned to bring home Gage and Millie? The ones that sold for over 400 dollars? The winner, who requests to be anonymous, wants to make ANOTHER miracle happen, and she is donating them back toColleen Novit‘s original fundraiser EXCEPT, for those socks only, starting at 8 PM Eastern time tonight, we are taking the first ten $20.00 donations to Millie and Gage’s Reece’s Rainbow fund, and will draw the winner as soon as those ten spots are filled. Then Colleen, just now home from meeting her babies, will draw the rest of the winners for the whole fundraiser. So if you want a one in ten chance to win a pair of beautiful prayer socks that match Tricia’s and mine, and to contribute to rescuing Gage and Millie,


check back at 8. We’ll all be here, ready to make a miracle happen! Hey, Julia Arnold Nalle and Amanda Unroe and Amy Boroughs and Ann Voskamp and Andrea Faris Roberts and Carla Fanelli Dobrovits and Jaime Vanchura and Rowena Soriano Gonzalez Aldridge and Clifford Crosspatch and all my sock sisters and all my friends, remember when we had the BIG miracle for Luke? That was so much fun… let’s make this one even better. Details about how to play will be posted and shared at 8.


One thought on “Do you remember Luke’s BIG miracle? Let’s do it again.

  1. I’ll meet you at 8! Don’t have bundles in my PayPal but I’m going to pitch in for Gage & Millie & take a gamble on those lovely socks.

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