ESD seeks your advice

From Facebook – Ann O


 I need advice. I am planning my next few sock projects (I tend to have several going at a time, one in my purse, one by my bed, etc) and one pair needs to be for a friend who tends to NOT WEAR hand knit socks because … well, just because. She saves them. Once I gave her a REALLY ugly pair, thinking that she would wear them more because, being quite hideous, they were less intrinsically valuable.. but I suspect that they are not yet worn out But at least she wears them occasionally… Do I knit her a gorgeous pair, because she is gorgeous, knowing that they will never be worn, or do I knit her another icky pair, hoping that they will be full of holes by next year???

8 thoughts on “ESD seeks your advice

  1. I think you should knit a beautiful pair that brings you joy as you knit and pray through those 19,200 stitches.

  2. Being of the “I don’t want to wear out my “Elizabeth’s Socks” camp myself, gorgeous. So we can admire the beauty as well as the love when they hang out on the desk.

  3. Well, truly a dilemma – but I vote that you knit her not an icky pair, but perhaps a colorful pair using all the colors of the rainbow – or whatever odds and ends you have left over from other socks. Either way you know she will treasure them for the love they represent.

  4. The ugliest socks that you can knit will be beautiful to her because they are full of love from you!!! :O)
    Your friend Melanie in Idaho

  5. So hideous they are cute…because good wooly socks are made to be WORN. Admire them after they get too holey to wear, when you can add the memories of where they have been to the love and prayers knitted into them.

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