additional advice sought

Another question from Facebook – Ann O


 Ok, I am thinking very pretty socks because she has such a lovely spirit, and then she can choose whether to wear them or not. There will be 19,200 prayers in that pair even if they never touch the floor, so that’s OK.

Which brings us to the next question – obviously I need to do everything in my power to make sure Dixon has a lifetime supply of good wool socks. But after that, how to prioritize who gets them?

How do you prioritize a friend who has never had a pair of hand made prayer socks and a friend who has had a pair and wore them so much they are now more holes than sock? (which always makes me happy….) …

But seriously, though, this is a tricky problem., and my knitting is getting slower and slower. i am open to any and all suggestions about how to do it right.

8 thoughts on “additional advice sought

  1. I commented in

    I still think a lottery is the way to go here. God is big enough to handle this level of detail on your behalf.

    Two ways to go about it:
    If the socks are already made and you’re trying to sort the give-to list, then put all the names you can think of into a hat/bag/box. Let someone shake the names & draw a name. If the socks are sized (eg S/M/L) then have three bags of names if necessary.

    If the socks are not-yet-made and you’re trying to decide the next person for whom you’re knitting, it’s even easier: one bag, one shake, one drawing, and cast-on in color and pattern appropriate for the name on the slip.

    With a lottery you won’t have to have a shred of worry that you’re making the wrong choice. Let God do the choosing and hand you the answer on a slip of paper.

    The alternative is to pray about it and let God whisper into your heart.

    If *I* could choose between God telling me what to do by waiting for the still, small voice in my heart vs letting Him tell me clearly and umbiguously by writing on a piece of paper, you can be CERTAIN I’d pick the paper! How many of us would gladly sacrifice something (time, money, eye teeth) for the gift of having God tell us what to do clearly? I bet the answer is “MANY”.

  2. After Dixon and your children, I would want to make some for my future daughter/son inlaws and then future grandchildren…then anyone else. (From someone who does not own a pair of ESD Prayer Socks so it’s not like I’m saying that because I already own a pair, that’s just the order I would do it.)

  3. you put a smile on my dial every time,i love you dear Elizabeth, and will continue to Pray for you, who ever gets a pair of your socks will know how blessed they are, im sure God will help you to decide, hugs.

  4. I like Esther’s suggestion. A side note, I started knitting because I love the prayer socks you have knit and wanted to start the practice myself. Today I took my first sock knitting class.

  5. Elizabeth, would you consider allowing others to knit for/with you? Perhaps you might have a league of knitters, following your pattern, assigned to knit & pray for specific persons on your behalf? You would still be knitting and praying as you are able but allowing others to share in this special work with you. Though I’ve never commented before and don’t have FB, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are such an inspiration to me, and I thank God for you, Elizabeth.

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