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Knitting and reading on the same day, can you believe it?  From the world’s worse multitasker.



It all started with a collaborative art project with my friend Tricia, which morphed into Tricia joining the tireless forces advocating and fundraising through Reece’s Rainbow  for Millie, with Down Syndrome and Gage, with CP, and their family, in their birth country right now to rescue them and bring them home.   So I had sort of gone overboard dyeing yarn for my project with Tricia (and I have photos of that whole process, which was part of the collaboration, but not today) and Tricia and I thought I might could use the extra yarn to make a third pair of socks, that exactly match hers and mine (and the May Club Scrap Kit) and put them on ebay.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  The auction isn’t over yet and they are already past 300 dollars.    For a pair of socks.

So the other day, when I was really sad, really hopeless, and even quite irritable and cranky, my new June Club Scrap kit came in the mail, and I decided to try it again, make  a pair of socks (just one this time) to match, to put on ebay to continue our fundraising efforts for Millie and Gage.   There are a few different ways to make self-striping sock yarn…. for the other ones, I used a flatbed knitting machine to make rectangles, which I painted with dyes.  This time I just didn’t have the patience or the brain power to manage even the world’s simplest knitting machine, so I made a 10 yard long skein and dyed that.


The tricky part is getting it UNskeined.  My swift doesn’t go that big.


So Dixon, Sam and Brian helped me.  I think they were so happy to see me outside playing with yarn rather than crying in a soggy heap on the sofa that I should have made a few more while we were at it.



Alas, only one skein.  100 grams of PFD opal, dyed with Pro-Chem’s Lanaset/Sabraset dyes.


So we wound the yarn, Dixon and I, while the boys stood inside the ends of the skein to hold it open and untangled.  Other than a couple little issues with clipping yarn rather than ties (a skein this size needs LOTS of ties…. giving lots of opportunity for accidents, although accidents are better than tangles)  it went just fine.


And while I waited for chemo number one of this new plan, I started knitting.  And I have been knitting as fast as I can ever since… I doubt I can get them done before the other auction is over, but I’ve knit enough rows to know that the yarn does indeed match the June Picnic kit from Club Scrap.


See the sock cuff on the DPNs on top of the pile of papers?  Considering that I didn’t take the time to do any test skeins for color matching, I think it coordinates pretty well.

So that’s the knitting.  But I think to link up with Ginny’s Yarn Along , it’s supposed to be knitting and reading.   What have I been reading?  Birthday cards.  Get Well Cards.  Spiritual Bouquet cards.  Love cards.


We have a mail slot in the front door, and it’s been so much fun to hear all the letters (which sound totally different than catalogs and bills, by the way) land on the floor in the front hall every afternoon.  I saved the ones that came on Monday to take with me Tuesday, not thinking that more would come on Tuesday before we even left for chemo, so I had a BIG pile to take with me and read at the infusion center.  Thank you so much.

I have so much to thank you for… for the facebook encouragement, for the cards and the cards and the flowers and treats and for blogging help and for everybody who has contributed in so many ways to Millie and Gage’s fundraiser…..

Tomorrow, if I’m up to it, I have been asked to explain why in the world a chemotherapy with a less than 10 percent effectiveness rating in the biggest best studies could possibly be the best choice …  I don’t totally understand it, but i will do my best to share what i know.  Meanwhile, thanks.  I love you.


17 thoughts on “knitting, reading, art, socks, auctions

  1. Hey! I recognize one of those cards! Alas, this is merely an electronic message rather than a card. You must have a pair of mighty fine ears to be able to distinguish the sound of a bill versus a card. OK, a catalog versus a card I can understand. But a bill versus a card? Can you also hear the difference between good email and SPAM email? If so, you should find a way to train others in your technique and make a fortune. Everyone who has inadvertently downloaded a virus by opening a SPAM message will want your class and training materials.

    I believe in the 10%. I expect you personally will boost that number.

    Love, hugs, prayers from RI – Esther

  2. Of course, I ALWAYS agree with Esther,,,especially when it comes to you! Love the pictures of that beautiful yarn..and the Club Scrap (of course, lol!)…but Dixon and the boys helping just makes me smile! Love you and saying prayers!

  3. Elizabeth, I have silently kept up with you through Ginny’s blog and checking in here every so often. I first started reading after your contribution on teaching childre the art of knitting. I have prayed unceasingly since then. And they will continue in this new round.
    Your yarn is beautiful.

  4. Statistics are for groups and averages BUT at the individual level they no longer apply because only God knows where each individual will fit in “the numbers”. So far I’d say you are not in the “averaged” range. And as you begin this round of treatment I hope you continue outside the averages. Praying for the 10% 🙂

  5. Elizabeth you are such an inspiration! I know you probably don’t feel like one when you are sobbing in a heap at home (for the record, I have by far fewer reasons to worry and I can end up a sobbing heap too…) but you are. I love your heart I love your family and you and I’ve never met any of you. Though you came closest than most people (at least you were in ENGLAND) but I love you. And I believe that you are going to not only be in that 10% I believe you will bring it up to 11%! That is my hope and what we pray for DAILY! Blessings to you as you fight this fight… (actually, have a nap and let us all fight this for you on our knees… ). Love you. Lu

  6. Boy nonchalantly with yarn strung around neck with his hands in his pockets….”Like, I do this all of the time…” Priceless. You’re raising those boys right! 😉
    Much love and prayers, dear lady!

    • Dear Diana, There is a KnitPicks catalog, from Fall 2006 or Spring 2007, which shows the four older children all dyeing and winding colorful yarn. Another on the page shows them hanging truly beautiful socks on the line to dry. George was not yet “in the picture” then, so he wasn’t in those picfures. Yes, I suspect Sam & Brian have stood in the driveway with yarn around their necks several times. 😊 Emily & Danny too.

      • And I probably saw those pictures and didn’t even know what rock stars they all were and continue to be! How cool!

  7. Your yarn is gorgeous; I’ve always wondered how to get self-striping yarn. Cool! And you have such good helpers. Praying for your 10% to make you 100%! You are in my thoughts and prayers a lot these days.

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