2 screen shots from Facebook

Dear Blog readers: My apologies for the very inelegant method I am using to give you two Facebook updates from last night. – Ann Onymous





3 thoughts on “2 screen shots from Facebook

  1. My mom had cancer and didn’t want to go to a couple of her chemo’s…..I basically forced her to go…she was crying and didn’t want to go but did….this was twenty years ago…she is now 88 years old and after everything was over with was glad I forced her to go…keep going no matter how difficult it gets…..I pray that you find peace going through this and healing…

  2. Your dye skills are enviable. Somewhere here in the house I still have the KnitPicks catalog that shows you & the kids having a blast dyeing some yarn. I need to find that and frame (or at least laminate) that page.

    I am grateful that art is such a joy to you. I know it is to me too. It’s a great therapy, even in its simplest forms. It’s a wonder more people don’t take advantage of this therapy within arm’s reach.

    I hope today (Wed) is OK. Or OK-ish.

    F graduates 5th grade this AM.

    Love & prayer, Esther

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