Four pair of socks.

Hey!  My anonymous blogging help has gotten me motivated.  This is Elizabeth, for real.  Elizabeth who is just so overwhelmed by the birthday love, so many flowers and cards and the most amazing scrapbook and facebook messages…  I would have to say that this has been the single most sad and overwhelming week of my whole cancer journey.  Having my birthday right in the middle of this depressing experience is, I think, the only reason I’m not just crying in a soggy heap under my bed.

So I have pulled myself together to update you on four pairs of socks.

The first two are old news, rainbow socks for my sweet friend Colleen Novit’s adoption fundraiser.

Here’s the link:

Colleen is RIGHT NOW in the Eastern European country where here children are, meeting them and doing all the legal work.


I know everyone who has already donated and participated is really ready for Colleen to click on that random number generator and learn who the winners of the socks and the other prizes are.  She’s ready, too, just as soon as she gets back to the US after next week.  But the delay gives friends who might want their own rainbow socks (just like the ones this friend is wearing)  a little more time.

Ann Morton

Meanwhile, there are two more pairs on ebay…

My very next do-it-my-own-self blog post is going to be about a collaborative art project that my friend Tricia Morris and I did last month.    Here’s her blog post about the story:



So Tricia and I have matching socks, that match the May 2014 Club Scrap kit, but we also had just enough hand dyed yarn for one more pair.  I thought it would be perfect to put that pair on ebay, also to benefit Colleen’s adoption.

Here’s the link to the ebay auction:

And then, to take a break from trying to get this chemo-damaged brain to figure out the ins and outs of putting internet links in an ebay auction, I finished another pair of socks.  This pair is for a benefit auction, too.

Mostly, whether you care about cashmere socks or not, you need to watch this video:


So there you go, four pair of handmade Elizabeth DeHority prayer socks.   If you need a pair, just start clicking.

And while I’m here, the latest oncology update is that we are still waiting for a few details on my last pathology report, and I have a bone scan on Monday.  Might start new chemo Tuesday, but best case scenario is that it only works at all in about 10 % of people, 90 % have no response, and because it takes 12 or more weeks to start working, if it works, for the people who are still alive at the 12 week mark, those  other 90 % are letting their cancer grow unchecked while they wait.  I’m not sure those are statistics I feel comfortable with.   So we are discussing every possible other option.   My oncologist isn’t nearly as pessimistic as I am, but I guess that’s part of his job.  It’s funny, he can’t dispute the numbers, but he just keeps trying.

Sam is on his way home from a few days at the beach, and Brian, Danny and George have two more days of school left.  Emily’s job lets her tele-commute from anywhere in the world, so she’s in Montreal enjoying a few weeks with her McGill friends.  Dixon has two more work nights, and then is off for a week in anticipation of whatever new chemo we end up with….  and we are all so grateful for the love and support.  Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Four pair of socks.

  1. Oh Elizabeth. I am so sorry about the health news and I am praying so hard. How wonderful are you?! Focussing on others’ and these wonderful adoptions. Your enormous heart shines so clearly ….

    Love and hugs and prayers to you. Glad to hear that Dixon has the coming week off. Time passes; God is with us in every step and breath and heartbeat. {{hugs}}

  2. Lots if love and gentle hugs! You know what a special place adoption holds in my heart, we will keep the families in our prayers!!! Prayers to you as well for all your pesky health scenarios!

  3. Dear Elizabeth, repeated birthday greetings from Sydney Australia. I do not say this glibly, but God has you and all those dear to you in his keeping and control. More than that, he has you surrounded by his love. As I said, not glib. This is a lesson my family is also learning. My 9 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with aggressive ALL, the nasty leukaemia, on New Years Day a few months ago. She still has another two months of intensive chemo to undergo. It has been hard for us all but I can tell you God has you all surrounded by love beyond our imagining.

  4. Her FB name is “Elizabeth DeHority”. The picture is one of her sons in his Baptism garment. – Ann O

  5. The Club Scrap socks are great! I bid on them last night but am already outbid.

    I have started swatching the Elann yarn. 😊

  6. Don’t give up – please don’t give up! You are such a bright star for all BC patients! Glad Dixon will be home next week – I know you two will make the best decisions. Much, much luck!

  7. Happy belated birthday, love your wedding photo, belated happy anniversary and belated congratulations to George, too!

    Thoughts and prayers are with you while you, Dixon and your medical team make the next decisions.

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