One thing about birthdays….

One thing I know about birthdays – They can evoke nostalgia. On Baby’s first-month birthday the parents sigh “Seems like Baby has been in our lives forever. Has it really been only a month?” Then again on Baby’s first birthday, “Remember where we were a year ago today?”

Well, in honor of Elizabeth’s birthday, I’m posting pictures of her earliest knitting attempts and an early project. My sources tell me that she was four. 

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! And Happy BIRTH Day to Midge & Pat!




18 thoughts on “One thing about birthdays….

  1. Hey Elizabeth, a Very Happy Birthday to you! I love the knitting photo, you were such an early starter.
    You look great at the graduation too, so glad you got there with a little help from your friends….
    Sending much love and many prayers, xx

  2. What might not be clear – or perhaps even believable – is that the knitting project shown beneath Elizabeth’s four-years-of-age photo is the actual project she was working on in about 1970 – saved by her Mother complete with needles and yarn ball for all of these 44 years. This is probably worth some significant professional analysis time.

    • There’s a difference between “junk” and “stuff”, you know!

      From someone with “moon in Taurus” who has a good deal of “stuff” and a sainted husband.

    • PS – I don’t think I have any 44 year old UFOs, although I know I have some older than 20 years. (UFO = UnFinished Object for the non-knitters who might read this.)

  3. Happy Birthday . You have been a knitterly inspiration to us for a long time, starting out when you were hardly bigger than the needles.

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