If you ARE on Facebook, you don’t need to read this blog post

This is a ghost-blogger testing out whether or not one can take FB “schtuff” and put it on WordPress easily.

Ann Onymous


Three pieces of news:

Number 1: Sam graduated (and of course so did Maggie ) We went out for pizza after, and it was wonderful.

Number 2: I don’t have to have more surgery tomorrow to look for more cancer because they found plenty in the three chunks they took out Thursday. More than plenty. It was actually pretty overwhelmingly plenty. You know when a big deal onco-surgeon’s first words when he calls you himself on the phone at 830 AM are “I am so sorry but…” that it’s not a good thing… Tomorrow they are going to do lots of scans (so I have to miss Danny’s birthday party… I have all confidence, of course, that my mama friends will take a photo or two for me??? We await all the testing on the cells, and Wednesday we meet with the oncologist at 845

Number 3: I have been feeling quite guilty about neglecting my blog, it’s just that it’s so much easier to pop a paragraph up on facebook with my phone… but I have some steadfastly non-FB friends. Plus the blog is sort of a family archive. So I have two friends who are going to put all my FB posts onto my blog (and whatever else they want to put up there, but the current objective is the FB posts and photos) Good idea, don’t you think?







8 thoughts on “If you ARE on Facebook, you don’t need to read this blog post

  1. Yeah, it worked!!! Thank you!!!

    Elizabeth, thank you so very much for sharing the beautiful photos of graduation….you can just feel the excitement and pride! Thank you for your amazing witness in fortitude, faith and grace. You and your family teach us all so much every day! Prayers for peace….

  2. so glad no surgery at the moment, great graduation, glad you were able to go and be part of this exciting event!!!! Marilyn

  3. Elizabeth, This is a wonderful idea. I am not on Facebook, so I really appreciate this. The graduation pictures are wonderful-how could they not be! I echo Danielle’s words about your faith and fortitude. As always, prayers, peace, and love.

  4. Oh Elizabeth………………I have no words. I love you so much. We are always, always praying. I wish I could do something.
    I have to tell you Sam is the most amazing young man. He takes my breath away. What an amazing future lies ahead of him. But then all of your kids are truly amazing. And Maggie, what a precious girl, I could just (((HUG))) her through the screen. God Bless you Maggie!
    Thank You Ann Onymous for sharing this. I’m not on FB.
    Sending ALL of our LOVE with (((HUGS))) and MANY many prayers from MN.

  5. I’m so happy to see a new post from you. I’m not on FB either, so every other day I checked the blog for news. I’ve prayed for you and your family always! Love, and may prayers from Brazil.

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