He would have happily gone to the yarn store. Sort of.

Begging forgiveness ahead of time, this is rather convoluted, but totally cool, as those little every day miracles tend to be.  So follow along and it will all come together I promise.

First of all, it’s Wednesday, and Wednesday is Yarn Along at Ginny’s.



It has been pointed out to me many, many times over the past week that most normal people’s blogs have most of their readers from mostly one category – Catholic mamas, or knitters, or political people, or whatever.  You could draw Venn Diagrams of their readership and most of the circles would overlap quite a bit.   Somehow, when you look at who reads here, and even more interesting, the search engine terms they use to find me, there is HUGE divergence,  There are the Down syndrome folks interested in effects of early tonsillectomy and the fiber artists wanting tutorials on scouring ultrafine merino fleeces and the stage 4 triple negative cancer patients looking for each other and the international special needs adoption community and the Catholic homeschooling mamas… often maybe two circles overlap, sometimes three, but not all, so I have been hearing that people get confused and frustrated not knowing what’s going on with these other folks they’ve never heard of….

So I promise to do a better job of introducing you all to each other.  Because, last weekend, when you ALL came together to make our BIG miracle happen for Luke, that was really amazing.  I am still sort of stunned, thinking about sitting on my kitchen floor watching those numbers go up….

So, introduction time.  Friends, here you go.  That blog screen shot up there?  That’s my real-life friend and Sock Sister, Ginny.  Her blog hosts this nifty thing every wednesday where people post links to their blogs or instagrams or whatever with  photos of what they are knitting and reading… and linking up to it was on my make a wish list, and here we are, four in a row!

But before I show you my knitting and reading, we have to back up, this is the convoluted part I mentioned up top.  You see, I have the best husband ever, who would do anything he could to make me happy, but I try hard not to take advantage, you know?  So instead of asking him to do all sorts of little errands, I often ask friends or more often, depend on the miracle of Amazon,



Above is a screen shot from my blog.  See, circled in red, that little thing that says Amazon.com???    It turns out that if you click on that to get to amazon.com, my blog gets a little credit percentage from whatever you put into your cart and get checked out within a certain amount of time, like 30 minutes or something.  Well,this little linky thing is awesome.  Remember our BIG miracle for Luke?  Saved up Amazon linky money from me, and from the main donor of the prizes, is what was able to get that going… plus a few more secret middle of the night “DeHority Distraction Principle” episodes.   As a rule, 100 % of what comes in through the linky thing goes to orphan  rescue efforts, especially to invest in fundraisers that will provide exponentially more than the little linky amounts themselves.

So what does this have to do with knitting and reading?



I want to finish this sweater.  It’s so truly beautiful, and I have a friend having a baby girl SOON.  I even dyed yarn to sort of match the missing cuff yarn.



But, if you used a super-zoom on that unfinished cuff, you’d know my secret.  Some unknown time ago, I took the correct needles out of the sleeves and substituted WAY TOO SMALL sock needles to hold the stitches.   Must have needed the bigger, bamboo needles for something else, and they have not yet reappeared.   So look below, screenshot from amazon…  These are the needles I use for my totally easy almost purl-free prayer socks….



although I tend to stick with the smallest sizes … and go through them pretty fast, since the tiny ones get bent pretty fast.  But I love them because they are inexpensive, and I usually have lots of socks parked wherever i might be sitting, and in various bags, and because they are color coded, so when I go down a needle size for heel and toe durability, i just have to switch from gold to red or red to blue….  but anyway, SOMEBODY changed out the worsted sized double points in that sweater for the biggest size in one of these socks sets, and that just wasn’t going to work to finish the sleeve, even after I matched the dye color so perfectly sort of added some extra purple to the pink to make it look like i tried.

But I’m getting WAY too off track.  I could have just gone on amazon and ordered some big wooden double pointed needles, but we had way more fun using that money up last weekend.  Seriously, though, wasn’t that amazing?  I am looking forward to telling you about our next fundraising adventure soon, but the way this one is dragging on, that’s looking hopeless 🙂  So anyway, then I COULD have asked my sweet husband, who just finished a week of night shifts and taking care of me while i’m sick and all, to  get in his car and drive to the very best  yarn shop in Charlotte and have then give him the right needles , I figured I’d just wait, maybe I’d be out with a friend sometime soon and if i felt good enough we could stop in… ‘



Now you KNOW I’ve  said nothing on my blog or on facebook about this needle dilemma.  But yesterday, dropping right through the mail slot, a perfect set of five wooden needles.  They are beautiful, they appear handmade, since they are not a typical commercially available length.  Perfect for baby sweater sleeves and the tops of boys hats.  Perfect.  And I have no idea where they came from, the note wasn’t signed and just said she just wanted to know someone was thinking of me and praying for me.  Well, as a person of faith, i have no doubt why this happened.  Totally cool, don’t you think?

And then, it gets even better.  So the knitting part of my link up to Ginny’s blog was set.  Baby sweater, check.  But I honestly wasn’t reading anything.  I am still pretty sick, can’t concentrate, still having fevers and all.  Books with plot are beyond me at the moment.



Andrew to the rescue.  I got the best letter from  my cousin, so uplifting and encouraging, AND HE IS NOW A KNITTER!!!  Claims to be stuck at dishcloths, but we can fix that over spring break, I promise.  So there’s the reading part.  Novels are beyond me at the moment, but good old fashioned handwritten correspondence is just my speed.

Knitting, reading, reading about my cousin knitting, one more little every–day sort of miracle… pretty amazing.

But before you go I have to share one more thing with you, just because it’s beautiful.   I’m still not well, I had hoped to perk up by 7:00 Mass but no luck.  So I was whining to a friend about sending everybody else up and I had to stay home, and she asked me if i’d ever heard about sending your angel to Mass….  Won’t copy it here, but I’m definitely going to print it out in a beautiful font on lovely paper to hang in my kitchen….


Too late and too long for the rest of the news.  Gotta go link at Ginny’s….

Love and hugs, esd

8 thoughts on “He would have happily gone to the yarn store. Sort of.

  1. We know He answers all our needs, but He certainly doesn’t have to do it in such AMAZINGLY cool ways! It just makes me love Him so much more!! Because I know when I ask Him to be at your side and help you to feel better, or beat the things that you have to fight- I see He’s already there! It reminds me to pray more often and longer- because He is so good to us all!
    When you don’t write- I worry- I know- worry isn’t good- but I do.
    (((HUGS))) and prayers with all my LOVE
    p.s. Dixon is one in a million :o)

  2. Well, that knitting needle story is very cool! Hope you get the baby jacket finished now.
    Praying still for you….

  3. The mail you received and blogged about nudged me to finally find & summon the courage to write a note and put something in an envelope that should have been mailed months ago. (Gutless me.) Thank you for the nudge. I love you. 💓 Chicken Esther

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