Knitting in the mail!

What was that mailman’s name on Mr. Rogers?  The one who rode around on his bicycle saying “Speedy Delivery!  Speedy Delivery!”

Today was mail here, mail there day.  And since it’s “link up with knitting and reading at Ginny’s” day that all works out just fine.


Danny was home sick today, his chemistries were all wrong and he felt bad, and I was post chemo day one and totally wiped from the whole bone scan and radiology experience, so we rested.  all day.


except for (the closest thing I did to actually knitting today) rinsing out some cotton yarn I’ve been dyeing for a creativity project for an online workshop.  I really, really don’t like dyeing cotton as much as wool or silk, the dye doesn’t totally exhaust and it seems so unpredictable to me… maybe it’s my  inexperience, I don’t know….


But speaking of online knitting, I have officially committed to putting together a tutorial on my

prayer socks with hardly any purling….

starting with the hemmed top, which I think is the niftiest part of the whole thing.  I started doing photos when I was making a pair of socks that I shipped to another cancer friend the other day.  Sneak preview – here is why I love hemmed top socks.  The hardest part of most sock patterns, I think, is the top edge, whether you make them top down or toe up.  Casting on or binding off so that it all holds together, never looks sloppy, but fits over the calf easily is a real challenge.  Hemmed tops fix that.  Look:  Here is a regular sized sock, only 60 stitches around, and look how the top stretches:


And it bounces right back.  So anyway, as soon as we finish the fundraiser for the Boroughs family (see DeHority Distraction BIG ) I will show you how I make my super-simple prayer socks.  I promise.


Remember these?  My Aunt Nancy got them in the mail, and says they fit just fine…


And Amy Boroughs put her socks that came in her mail on facebook, too.

So I was sitting around looking at the photos of these socks on facebook, thinking how cool it is that you can put something in a package here in NC and it can get to MI or NJ in just a day or two, when my mailman rang my doorbell with presents for ME!!!


This prayer shawl comes with a story.  Right after i was first diagnosed with cancer, several of the world’s most important sock knitter people decided to put together a Sock Summit. To bring the world’s experts on design, spinning, yarn, etc all together for an amazing convention.  So of course I got to go, and had the best.  time.  ever.  I stayed with my friend Kelley Petkun, and had amazing classes, and made some new friends, too.  One of them was Michele Bernstein,  we bonded over special yarn for a Cat Bordhi class and Sox Sticks (world’s fanciest knitting needles  🙂  We’ve kept up through the knitting bloggy world, and she even found a photo of us together from ages ago:


I can’t believe how different I looked then… sigh.  Michelle looks even younger now, and has really grown her design business…  Here is her Ravelry page for the shawl pattern she knit for me….   it’s a great, asymmetrical pattern, I love the ruffle, love that the solid part isn’t actually solid, love the interplay between the colors and the textures…. AND it’s cute and hangs well without any fussing or pinning or adjusting at all.

So I need to get back to knitting, since all my done socks went out in the mail… “Speedy Delivery, Speedy Delivery!!”  Enable -mail was also on the way today.  Wanda sent me knitting bags…


I wasn’t going to tell you this part yet, but the results of my bone scans were icky.  Really icky.  So my knitting and I will probably be doing lots of going places in the near future… not sure if it’s to new chemo or radiation or to a clinical trial in Chapel Hill, but I am all set with a sock bag and a big project bag.  No more stuffing my work in my purse only to get it all stuck in the zipper and destroying a chunk of yarn…..


And what will go first into my sock bag?  Colourmart Cashmere, of course.    You know about my friends Susan Ralph and Richard Lawn that we went to see in England… well, they sent some treasures… 100 % pure cashmere sock yarn for me, and British candies for certain other people who live here….


Why bother with socks when you can eat Kinder Eggs???

So there you go, knitting in mail, here and there… with extras besides.  I’ll fill you in more when I know more about the bad bone scan results… meanwhile I’m just trying not to get totally overwhelmed with grief…  too busy planning things for DeHority Distraction BIG to let it slow me down too much…. 

Love and hugs,   esd

19 thoughts on “Knitting in the mail!

  1. Mr. McFeely!! It was so exciting to watch him ride in with the “Speedy Delivery”! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and am praying for you and your family. I’m new to knitting and have made two scarves and am working on a hat. I love your socks – the yarn you use is so pretty! Maybe I can try those after I finish my hat.

  2. Yes, Mr. McFeely. He was named for Fred Rogers’ Grandfather McFeely – the one who always told him, “I love you JUST the way you are.”
    Elizabeth, you are amazing – and the prayers continue from here. ((hugs)) and Prayers – dixie

  3. I still can’t figure out how you make that beautiful pattern in your socks or what the yarn looks like…?
    And those colors are just super. But cashmere wool for sock – is the yarn strong enough – worried about big holes!!!!!
    Hating your bone scan……and hoping that Chapel Hill can help!!!!!! My thoughts are with you every day.

  4. It was so wonderful to get your message that the bags arrived! I prayed about the colors wanting them to cheer you.
    I am beginning a second novena and have you in the center of it. So many prayers going up!
    That cashmere yarn is gorgeous . Does it have any nylon in it? I too am curious how it gives a good stretch? Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  5. I am glad others remembered the mailman’s name as I could only sort-of remember it. Nearly every thought is a prayer for you, praying the Magnificat a thousand times a day. Intersersed with Our Father. And a bold statement like so many from the days Jesus walked among us: “God, if You will it, You can cure her. Right now. Entirely.” Then I (perhaps annoyingly) continue on to remind Him just precisely who you are (in case He might heal ‘the wrong esd’??), and how you are a walking agent of His will among us here in 2014. You do His will every chance you get: from knitting prayer socks to buying a thousand socks for the food bank at Christmas to rescuing orphans to goobers like me to sending grocery gift cards to a fellow fallen on hard times. The list is endless. If His Will be done, you are doing it. I hope and pray it’s His will to touch you with a total healing miracle, just like He did for Saint Peregrine. By the way, I’ve heard it said that after St. Peregrine was cured, he never sat down again for the rest of his life, as a big Thank-You sort of personal sacrifice in gratitude for the healing of the cancer that nearly took his leg and life. I don’t think you’d need to stand for the rest of your life in gratitude, but just continue as you already have: saving orphans, helping goobers, making socks, buying socks, helping people in need buy groceries, etc. I will be going to 8 AM Mass and praying ceaselessly for you. Wearing esd socks of course. And an Our Lady of Guadalupe shirt. ❤ Esther

    • Dear Esther — I was impressed that you knew the Magnificat by heart. 🙂 The Memorare is my “go to” prayer as well, for Elizabeth and so many other special intentions. God bless, Michele F.

  6. I spy Kinder Eggs. Those were the highlight of Easter baskets back when we lived in England!

    I’m sorry to hear about your bone scan results, Elizabeth. We have been keeping you constantly in our prayers, and we will continue.

  7. I just wanted you to know that prayers are being sent from East Jordan. I am so sorry about the bone results. I had ILC also, so it scares me so much. Praying for guidance for your medical team too!

  8. Praying here and admiring your skill for knitting socks. the only thing I can do is put socks on. 😀 You are so loved and I think of you lots. Tons of prayers going up for you my dear. {{{{HUGS}}}} too!!!

  9. I am sorry about the bone scan too. I do love praying to Blessed John Paul “the Great” so I will nag him a little about your need for healing. Thankyou for the lovely, life-giving, inspiring blog posts you are sharing with us. I am sure we all appreciate how much energy is needed to post.
    God Bless you and your family. xx

  10. I only know you from the rainbow socks you knit and the countless prayers you pray for sweet friends with every stitch. And I just wanted to say I think that legacy of your gift of giving prayers to sweet people is such a blessing and it absolutely inspires me. I don’t knit, sadly, but please know from this day forward I will pen your name in my prayer journal and pretend I’m knitting you the most beautiful rainbow socks you’ve ever seen!!! Love.

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