Yarn Along, take 3 !!!

So way back when a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that one of my motivators for starting back to blogging was to be able to link up, just one time, as one of my make-a-wish things, to Ginny’s Yarn Along blog collection of knitters and readers…



Well, here you go, it’s my third!  I have been making slow and steady progress with my hap shawl.  I love garter stitch.  I find it very comforting and meditative, and besides, I hate to purl, so that all works out.  Also in the photo is my Aunt Nancy’s sock… in natural light, the colors go perfectly with the light aqua, which will be the center square of my shawl.

Here is the ravelry project people page for my shawl: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/morag-shawl/people

So it turns out that I was going to buy the other colors of the Shetland wool for the shawl while i was in England… kind of made sense to me, being in the UK and all, and besides, it’s so much less expensive there, and you can actually go into shops and look at the colors rather than relying on photos on the internet.  But we were so busy going to fancy teas that we never made it to a yarn shop.  When Jane was here for Christmas, I sent her back with a skein of the center yarn and a colored pencil sketch of some other colors to look for… but I hope she hasn’t gone shopping yet, because I LOVE the colors of my Aunt Nancy’s sock with the shawl color so much that I am going to knit a swatch with the leftover yarn and mail it to Jane and have her take it to the wool shop to get just the right colors.

As far as reading, lately this has been tough, my chemo is really affecting my eyes, damaging my corneas, messing with the optic nerve, and even causing brand new cataracts.  So I’ve been listening to books more than reading.  This actually works out well as far as knitting and spinning are concerned 🙂



I actually own the book, but I thought since I can’t actually find it under the piles of yarn I’m sorting to destash   actually read it at the moment, a screen shot of the audibles version might be more appropriate 🙂

And in other knitting news, I finished a sock for another cancer friend, Shawn, today, but made a big error in Kitchenering.



There are very few things that annoy me as much as getting a whole sock done, grafted, ends woven in, and then find a hole.  ARRGGHH…. you will see this sock again, though, I have been photographing each step along the way to show you how I make my plain vanilla hem top non-ribbed prayer socks….  with the caveat that the downside of a short row toe is that instead of the Kitchenering being maybe 12 stitches at the end where it’s easy to frog, the grafting is over 30 – 36 stitches hiding on the top of the foot.

And tomorrow, the ultimate pictorial guide to EMLA for ports… my philosophy is that when you’re in so much pain from so many other things, why not prevent any additional discomfort when you can, if it’s fast, easy and safe???

OK, time to tackle the unkitchenering.  As soon as I remember how to link up at Ginny’s.  Heck, it’s post chemo day one, remembering anything is hard.  Maybe if I email Ginny she’ll fix it for me.

Love, esd

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along, take 3 !!!

  1. Oh pooie! Your optic nerve too?? I have lost the color vision in my right eye (as well as functional vision in that eye) I had no idea this was possible until after my stroke. I treasure the color vision in my “good” eye. But like you- new cataracts have dulled the beauty and gift of color matching……..sigh. So I just pretend! LOL!!
    I love-love-love the color combination of the sock and shawl- Stunning!!

    I am working on a purple/gold Vikings colors afghan for Samson. All single crochet, 2 strands to double it so it’s weighty on him. I like how simple it is to make because after all Samson just wants to tell everyone excitedly- “football!” when they see it!
    ((((HUGS)))) and prayers I LOVE you!!

  2. Waaaaaaah!

    Why the hole in the sock?! What a frustration. I don’t know enough about various heels to understand why there is so much Kitchenering from short row heels. I’ve only made a few socks, slavishly following whatever pattern. (I can dive in and make gloves without being slavish…. But not socks. At least not yet.)

    And why has WordPress stopped telling me about new action on your blog? Yesterday I discovered I was days behind!

    💖💝❤ and 🙏👐hugs

  3. I am so pleased to read your posts and learning a lot about knitting socks! Who knows, you may even inspire me to try making a pair? ( I am a nervous knitter). Thank you for sharing your days with us, I keep praying for you and your lovely family.

  4. Thinking of you & knitting socks on Monday night. Hugs! Will be working at St. James in AM but shall hold you in prayer as I help someone with spelling, math, and more.

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