Snowy Valentines

I still have more wonderful sock photos and stories, but today is all about the snow.


Danny and Dixon didn’t have time to finish their snowman because Dixon had to get some sleep before work…. so he’s “soccerman”


It’s really pretty out, although starting to melt.  Which is good because we are all out of dry clothes.

Except for George, who did NOT want to go out to play at all.  N0 way.  He even avoided the front door just in case somebody was going to make him go in the snow.  Here is George, telling you what he thinks.  Make it full screen, though, it’s way cuter.

Sock stories and more, part three, tomorrow.  Love, esd.

5 thoughts on “Snowy Valentines

  1. I toljaso that it was OK that you didn’t take him into the snow. 🙂 My oldest hated snow too & now she’s in Albany, NY by choice. Go figure.

  2. I could watch Danny and George all night! Absolutely precious! George must be like me…enough of the snow… ready for Spring!

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