Backing up to Christmas

on my blogging hiatus, I missed Christmas, I guess I was still too tired and overwhelmed coming back from England.



Since I obviously wasn’t going anywhere (I had chemo on December 24 and December 31, and Dixon had to work 10 of the 15 nights around Christmas and new years, including Christmas and Christmas eve) we kept things as low key as possible while still having a wonderful time.  My photos are on a CF card somewhere, so these are the favorites from my children’s cameras and phones.



We spent the first part of the holiday with just the seven of us and sara… I need to find the photos of Christmas eve dinner at her house, that was fun.  She lost Gus, her canine companion of many years, this fall, and got a wonderful new dog right before the holidays, so this was his first celebration with the crowd.



Then on the 29th, (Sam’s 18th birthday) my parents arrived, Jane and AJ and the boys came from England, Maggie’s parents brought her to stay for a while, and we finally celebrated family christmas.



It was, of course, a musical celebration.  We moved up from the Christmas crackers with the coded whistles to a real set of 20 handbells.  This was my Christmas present to myself.  Best one ever, for sure.  So after the big family dinner, everybody chose their note (although Dixon here was trying to make some sort of chord with his whistle, his bell and George’s bell… don’t ask…) and we played through tons of music ranging from Happy Birthday for Sam to Christmas carols to, gosh, even an irish jig medly.  I loved it.  Maggie was officially the conductor, but growing up without brothers, was way too nice.  With as many teenage boys as were in that room, nice was just not an option if we wanted to get any good music made 🙂  But i think EVERYBODY had fun,



Probably not the way your average 18 year old would have wanted to spend his birthday, but he got plenty of love and attention (way more than he wanted) ….



and food.  Astonishing amounts of food.  That many teenage boys together can really put it away.



It was so good to have Emily home.  I miss her most, but George comes in a close second, we Skype with her often and he still doesn’t quite understand how she gets in and out of the back of mama’s laptop.



Best daytime event – many hours at Freedom Park while I was recovering from Chemo and needed a little peace and quiet.  Yes, in the middle of that picture above you DO see six feet two inches tall worth of Brian climbing on his cousin’s back for a piggy back race.  All Dixon had to carry was Danny, and he does that all the time.  I think the teams weren’t exact;y fair.



But the absolute best night of the whole Christmas vacation was the night we played adults vs kids pictionary.  We laughed (until some of us just cried, never seen such out of the box crazy thinking EVER) and we competed intensely and we had the most wonderful time.  I was post chemo day one, didn’t even think I’d be out of bed, but scribbled and shouted with the rest of them… joy, joy, joy.

I think I have never been so sad, ever or since, as when everybody left after that week together.  emily and sam to school, my parents to michigan, the ghosh family back to england, dixon to work and the three other boys back to school school.  Pure distilled loneliness…  but with so many good memories of wonderful times and so much love….


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