Fast Forward to England

Advance warning- world’s most out of order, disjointed blog post.  But posted is better than nothing, and so I resolved to try to stay awake until I at least put a few photos up from my current adventure….    skipping over the fact that I have the photos cropped and queued for Halloween, and the text done for Thanksgiving.  Since I last blogged here, Kelle has blogged about my story, and Julia has shared the DeHority Distraction Principle with the world….   But if I waited to get caught up, in order, it would never get done.  You see, I am in England.  Sort of a grown up Make-a-Wish trip… official Wish trips are limited to people ages 3 to 18, but my husband, my friends, my family and my oncologist all decided that was silly, and if I wanted to go see my sister in England, they were going to make it happen.

I forget that many of my friends are not on facebook…  if you’re not, you missed tea01

this one, of flying to England in business class, complete with champagne and socks…



And this one, from Colourmart, home of all the cashmere that the socks come from, in Shrewsbury.  I had this list, you see, of very specific things I wanted to do and see in England, which had to be very limited because I just don’t have lots of strength and energy….



Although traveling with a wheelchair has really helped, even though I resisted it for a long time.  Like I totally resisted it until every single person involved in making this adventure possible said that they were not going to cooperate until I agreed.  And they were right.



Anyway, mostly I wanted to see my sister, and her family, but I also wanted to go out for fancy English tea in London…so here were are at Brown’s Hotel – VERY POSH – having champagne tea late this afternoon.



And I wanted to see my nephew’s school – Manchester Grammar School – which has been around since 1515.  No kidding.  The boys (it’s only boys at this school) wear coats and ties to class every day.



Nicholas here, looking spiffy, and then David:


But even older than their school was the pub we went to the day before – in Shrewsbury, where those cashmere cones came from.



The Golden Cross, where we had lunch with all the Colourmart folks, has been in continuous operation in this location since 1488.  …. sorry this is so out of order…. it’s been a long day….



But one last out of order photo anyway for my sock sisters – knitting on the train on the way from Manchester, where my sister lives, to London, this morning.   Tomorrow, a few more things on my wish list – a shopping trip to Liberty, and some tourist time at Westminster Abbey… then we have reservations for another fancy afternoon tea at the Langham….  Saturday we fly back to Charlotte to resume intensive chemotherapy and real life….. and oh my goodness, how I miss Dixon and my babies… skype just isn’t good enough….

I have taken HUNDREDS of photos in just a few days, but if I don’t quit now and go to sleep, I won’t feel good enough for my wish list tomorrow…. so good night, love and hugs from London 🙂

19 thoughts on “Fast Forward to England

  1. I am just so very, very happy your got to go and are enjoying every moment. Oh Elizabeth thank you for taking us along on this journey. How wonderful!!

  2. Elizabeth, reading this post made me smile, and my day! Bless your heart, and everyone involved in making this trip possible. I’ve been following your blog for over a year….have you shared your sock pattern? Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas

  3. What an incredible wish come true!! Oh Elizabeth, I cannot even express, just am all teary reading this! So happy for you that ypu are able to do this {{hugs}}

    Regarding the wheelchair, I understand you, i do. Disabled from a brain tumor, unable to stand or walk unaided, I have a wheeled walker and it is great, but i finally had to admit that I need a wheelchair at least some of the time. I just do not have the ability to sustain walking over long distances (more than about sixty feet). So i have one now and it is a blessing. My teenage daughter pushes me, another blessing! (I cannot navigate as my coordination and eyesight is all off!)

    Love and prayers to you, so glad this was able to happen for you!!

  4. Elizabeth, It is always wonderful to hear from you, but hearing from you in England is really special. Thanks for giving us a peek at what you are doing. Love and hugs, Nancy

  5. Love the pictures….no matter what order they are in! Knowing you’re having such a great time just makes me so happy! Love, hugs and prayers!

  6. Wonderful photos! Your nephews are so handsome. Enjoy your time in England–so glad you got to go. I was just wondering how you are doing. You were on my mind yesterday. Thanks for the post.

  7. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing, so glad you could make this trip! I have been following your blog for about a year now. You are in my prayers. Nicole Tucker Mom to 4, my youngest has Down Syndrome

  8. This IS a WISH come TRUE for anyone! What a blessing Dear Precious Elizabeth. Too bad Dixon and the kids could not come too. Sending ALL our LOVE with ((((HUGS))))) and prayers! We are all smiling ear to ear here discussing what fun you must be having!! You have been given the gift of spreading JOY Dear Elizabeth!

  9. I watched “Love Actually” yesterday and thought that it would be lovely to be in England at Christmas time. What a great trip to take! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Keeping you in my prayers.

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