Supposed to be day two round three.



Day 16 overall.  But I didn’t get to have chemo on Tuesday.  My white blood cell counts, marginal on their best days, were all way too low.  It wasn’t even close to possible.  But those first two rounds were still hanging out in my hair follicles, doing their work.   People lose their hair on this drug between day 14 and day 17.  One of the other chemo drugs i had been on until September was supposed to cause hair loss, but mine had just gotten really thin, so i was thinking that maybe I was going to escape with my hair intact.



Until I woke up several times last night terribly itchy from the piles of hair that had fallen out and worked their way down my shirt in my sleep.   So it was obvious that we might as well buzz it off.



Danny wanted to help but was so afraid of hurting me.  So he passed the clippers off to Dixon and decided to take care of the camera instead.



George was fascinated by the process.  If I were allowed anywhere near his classroom (which I am not, my oncologist has put me on kindergarten restriction until further notice, which breaks my heart, I LOVE being in that class….) I know from my other times of baldness that all the other 4, 5 and 6 year olds will be dying to touch my head and try on my hats and scarves….



I’m confident I’ll still be bald when I can go back to school…..  they will all get a chance to rub my head…. good thing I don’t have personal space issues….



My parents were here again for the chemo that didn’t happen.  This unpredictability is hard to deal with.  Everybody wants to know what we need and when they can help, and it’s hard to sort out when I don;t even know when my treatments are going to happen.  So they left this morning, my mom has cataract surgery next week so they can use a couple of extra days at home to get their ducks in a row,



But before we left, I wanted to show her about the magic of Alter Ego dyes.  Plus it’s hard being away from her when she goes back, and I had this idea that if she and my sister Jane and I had matching scarves, that would help in a little way.  So we made a big square headcover for me and pretty rectangular scarves for my mom and Jane.



They actually coordinate better in real life, it was hard to get the colors right with the flash.

In other news, remember my dream lymphedema sleeve?  The president of Solaris, the company that makes them, said that they would be more than happy to do whatever it takes to get me the perfect sleeve.  But I wanted to try the conventional route first, so my dad drove me to Winston Salem yesterday to a medical supply place that does the custom fitting to order them, and they put it through my insurance which said they would pay 100 %!!!  It has been ordered and will arrive in about three weeks.  I can’t wait until it’s ready (although I have to go back up to Winston Salem again to pick it up, they have to check the fit and the pressures with me in person… )

Here comes Danny back from school-school.  Gotta go.  Thanks again for all the love and support.


19 thoughts on “Supposed to be day two round three.

  1. I wish I was there to give you a (((BIG HUG))) and kiss your beautiful head. We love you so much precious Elizabeth that it hurts to be so far away. We send ALL our LOVE and many many prayers. You are our hero!
    The scarves are so beautiful, as beautiful as the LOVE your family has for you and each other. What a blessing from God! You are surrounded by LOVE!
    My prayer warriors Isaiah 9, Kitty 10, Lysa 11, and Faith 12 ask me every day- “How is Dr Elizabeth doing?” They will forever be thankful to you for helping their precious brothers. You have deeply impacted our life with your LOVE of Christ!

  2. 1) you are beautiful . 2) the scarf fabrics are beautiful. 3) so awesome about the sleeve !!! 4) I love your family 🙂

  3. Elizabeth, The tenderness with which Dixon lay his hand on your head had me in tears! The scarves are beautiful, as are all the things you make. And they provides a special bond for the three of you although I don’t think you three needed a bond that is any more special than the one you have. The sling being 100% covered is a bonus. May be the company could provide you with something else 🙂

    I know your mom has been looking forward to the cataract surgery so I’m glad it’s finally happening.

    Love and prayers, Nancy

  4. There are just no words to describe what you and your family mean to so many Elizabeth! Karen said it beautifully…you are a true and faithful servant. Your pictures touch as many as your words! Love you and prayers are being sent! Oh, and those scarves are beautiful!!! Hugs, prayers and love!

  5. The color of those scarves are extraordinary – can’t wait to see which one is yours. You will look like a queen with any one of them one of them. So happy you are getting that wonderful sleeve!

  6. Hi…I am clicking over from Kelle’s place…and I have actually have visited a couple of times from seeing something on Ann Voskamp!s page…I love how Kelle discribes you….so passionately in love with Jesus…and just like Him you meet people in love right where they are…I am learning in Christ this new way of walking….I hope you don’t mind if I share a link with you…this lady is in the battle of her life…she is a lover of Jesus…I just thought you might find her an encouragement too….blessings and grace as you journey these troubled…but being held in His loving arms.

  7. I also found you through Kelle and have a beautiful 7 year old with DS. I am absolutely inspired by your strength and love for others. Your courage and faith are, in this very moment, helping me through my own struggles–miles away in this cyber world of ours. Blessings to you and your family. And thank you for the introduction to Reece’s Rainbow–a beyond worthy cause.

  8. I have read Kelle’s blog for some time now and read your post today. I found that you and I have the same love, the love of the Eucharist. Because of that, I want you to know that I will put your name in our book of intentions before the Blessed Sacrament today. We have Eucharistic Adoration nearly 24/7 so people will be praying for you nearly every hour of every day in our chapel. I will be personally lifting you and your family up in prayer daily but especially when I am at my Holy Hour. God be with you.

  9. Just another reader sending up prayers for you and your family. Thank you so much for delivering me to Reece’s Rainbow. I wish I could adopt a baby and maybe someday we will be able to. I work with exceptional children and I agree with you that everyone should be allowed to have one of these children in their lives. My Angel babies make my life better every second of every day. You are a true beauty inside and out.

  10. Dr. DeHority, ahem…Elizabeth. It has been over a decade since I last saw you as my pediatrician, but today you crossed my mind. I remembered how caring and firm, yet gentle you were. Thank goodness for Google!! I found your blog and am in awe of your strength, transparency, and faith…your testimony. I am now a wife, a mother and an attorney and believe you had much to do with it as you poured into me, cared for my health and well being…and handled my overbearing mother with compassion, lol. I will continue following your blog and praying for you and your family. Be blessed as you continue to inspire…

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