just a stack of pictures

chemo makes everything harder.  brian and i were watching an old episode of the Cosby Show tonight (Dixon and Danny are away camping at Mt. Mitchell) and in this episode Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable are both sick in bed with the flu.  I know they said it was the flu, not chemo, but they could really have done a good job acting post chemo day 4, no problem.    But if you want to know why chemo and blogging are incompatible, go watch that episode.  season 3, episode 22,from April 7, 1987….

So anyway , since my brain isn’t up to a blog post with a theme or a plot or a big message, I took 17 or 18 consecutive snapshots from my little camera,  and here they are.  chronological life unfiltered.



So you know we got our new washer, which is great.  it makes really pretty music when you turn it on and when the cycle ends.  the only problem was that to get it into our house we had to unload and move an 8 foot tall double stuffed bookcase that was about two inches too close to the door.



I briefly considered decluttering some books before putting them back but my brain was too tired (see above)….



So I went to take a nap with george instead and let everybody else put the books back.



speaking of repairing and replacing, this is cool, even though the photos don’t do it justice.  our ceiling light in the kitchen had been broken for ages, so my dad put in a new one… with LEDs.  Looked pretty unpromising at first, i was worried i wouldn’t even be able to see well enough to do dishes.



WOW!  Major bright, really fast.  It’s supposed to save lots of money on the power bill, but I actually like it because it looks so cool…



even with the cover on….



speaking of cool, have I ever told you my parents are cool?  Here is my dad trying to explain to my mom about taking a selfie.  I suspect she already knew about this but didn’t want to make him feel bad 🙂



my parents were here for my first round of chemo, but Dixon was off for the second, so all the preparations fell to him… getting me ready, my chemo stuff ready, boys ready for school all first thing Tuesday morning when Dixon had worked at the hospital all night monday night was a bit of a challenge.  and yes, we are still doing the many layers of lymphedema bandages, but hopefully just for a little while longer.  You know that dream sleeve?




Turns out my insurance just might cover it, but if they don’t, the president of the company has offered to have one made for me.  No kidding.   we will find out wednesday, (next post chemo day one, my dad is going to drive me to winston salem to an authorized retailer of Solaris Tribute sleeves to get measured and see….)



and we can’t forget port management.  it’s been accessed way too many times lately to skip the numbing cream.



Take a break from chemo preparation to get boys ready for school.  anybody who says sending their kids away to school every day is easier than having them home has never forgotten about picture day on chemo day until 7 minutes before the first bell rings.



So one of my friends sent me a box of treasures from her kids, and tucked in some wonderful relaxing essential oil, but mentioned in her letter that she puts it on her wrists and walks around looking like a dork sniffing her wrists all day.  Well, I have no problem at all looking like a dork, and this oil really does smell so peaceful, so I applied it liberally to my wrists and took a big sniff.  Therefore I got it all over the bottom of my nose and didn’t have raise my wrists to my nose even one time all day…



Quick break from getting ready to block Lark’s socks.  Lark is my knitting friend.  Lark is about to have a new baby brother, don’t even ask if his sweater is done….



meanwhile dixon is getting the ice bags ready.  80 % of people on my chemotherapy get nerve damage from it, but there are some studies that show that decreasing the circulation to your hands and feet by putting them in a near-frostbite situation can help prevent this.  It decreases the blood flow to the cold places, so the chemo doesn’t settle there.  Obviously you wouldn’t want that for your brain or your liver, but metastases to your feet are pretty uncommon.



Poor Dixon.  getting the ice together was the last straw, being post call and all.  one.  tired.  daddy.



but we got to chemo, my blood tests were bad but they went ahead anyway, my blood pressure was way low, but they went ahead anyway, and during the 30 minutes of main infusion time and the 40 minutes to get every last little molecule out of the tubing we did ice.  hand knit wool socks felt so good after 🙂



remember the recipes on the outside of the cabinets?  This is one, from my blogless friend Susan ( if I weren’t so tired I’d do the linky thing to my blog posts about her crazy adventures….) and she wasn’t content this week to just let me have my long-taped recipe, she showed up with a real genuine darling’s lasagna… and stayed and chatted for a good long time, which made me happy.



and this weekend, major flashbacks to a whole different life… dixon and danny were assembling camping gear, and an old gore tex jacket of mine was the closest thing we had to fit danny… but it had been hiding in the closet since my last ski trip almost 20 years ago.  Rosemary, those were amazing weeks, weren’t they????

So there you go.  chemo week two.  The current plan is that my parents will be back monday, and i will have round three on tuesday.   but now I am going back to sleep.  Love and hugs, esd

13 thoughts on “just a stack of pictures

  1. You are an amazingly, strong woman. I have never met you, yet you have touched my life in such a positive way. I think of you and pray for you often.

  2. That picture of George is the sweetest picture I’ve ever seen! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. As always, your depictions of life with the DeHoritys are witty, eye-opening and simply amazing! We think of you often! Hugs and Kisses to each one of you!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ha, ha, I just learned something from you – what “taking a selfie” means!!!!! Some holes when it comes to new expressions, when you are 70. Wishing you all the best for round three, and we just love your new front loader washer!!!!

  4. You are brave and strong and mighty my friend. Know that Miss Courtney and I are praying hard for you and this newest round of chemo. Blessings friend…

  5. Love you Elizabeth! Saying prayers and enjoying your post…thanks for sharing your pictures…especially that cuddly George!

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