Leaving for an ultrasound with a happy heart




Go see Julia’s blog for the whole story, it’s a long post but you need to start at the top and just read on down.

I am so happy that so many of my friends have linked in their blogs and shared on facebook.  Sometimes it amazes me, that you can save a person’s LIFE for basically the cost of ONE of my chemotherapy treatments now.  Sort of makes me feel guilty sometimes, the unequal distribution of resources.  But it’s been a fun distraction this week, watching the numbers grow and even learning that a family is moving  mountains to rescue a boy with only days to spare.

Today is post chemo day 3, supposed to be the worst.  My parents are here.  I am on my way to the hospital to try a different sort of ultrasound to see if we can get more accurate measurements of my tumor, to find a good way to follow the changes.  This weekend is the Saint Ann parish carnival… cotton candy and snow cones sound good.

6 thoughts on “Leaving for an ultrasound with a happy heart

  1. Praying! There are just not enough adjectives to describe you Elizabeth! Love you, and are constantly amazed and inspired by your words and ACTIONS!

  2. That’s such great new about the fundraiser 🙂 I am continuing to hold you in my prayers as you go about your week of chemo and tests. So glad your parents can be there. {{hugs}}

  3. Went to Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament today and I’m still praying for you and FAMILY. God be with all of you,

    Janice from Somerset, Pa.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. We LOVE you! We thank God for ALL your family has done to help children like our boys~ our very precious boys! Thank You! Now that we are done adopting, we continue to do our part along side you!
    Praying for your chemo. I’m so sorry it has to be so painful for one who gives such JOY to so many. You my precious Sister, You.

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